Did you know the United States Postal Service handles and delivers 23.8 million packages daily? That’s a massive amount of packages! In addition, the USPS handles various packaged boxes of all shapes and sizes.

Packaging supplier companies play an essential role in the business world. They become more important as demand for high-quality, eco-friendly packaging rises.

Below, we will discuss three latest trends in the packaging supplier industry.

1. Sustainable Packaging

Many businesses now see sustainability as a very important goal. That’s because people are now more aware of how their buying choices affect the environment.

Luckily, packaging suppliers have stepped up to the challenge! Now they offer eco-friendly options to meet the growing demand for sustainable packaging.

Recycled Corrugated Boxes

Recycled corrugated boxes are popular environmentally friendly packaging. These boxes are not only sturdy and durable, but they can also be recycled multiple times. They are perfect for companies that want to show that they care about the environment.

Using Biodegradable Materials

Another trend in sustainable packaging is the use of biodegradable materials. These materials break down naturally, leaving no harmful residue in the environment.

Businesses are investigating plant-based plastics and paper-based biodegradable packaging. Companies can responsibly package and help the environment by using these materials.

It’s excellent to see businesses and packaging suppliers collaborate on sustainable packaging. They are improving our environment for future generations.

2. Custom Packaging Solutions

Custom packaging solutions have become a popular trend in recent years. Businesses are now realizing that their packaging can be an effective marketing tool. By creating unique packaging designs that stand out, companies can increase the following:

  • Brand awareness
  • Customer loyalty 

Packaging suppliers are now offering custom packaging solutions to meet this demand. They work closely with businesses to create packaging designs that reflect their brand image and message. Custom packaging can also help companies to protect their products during shipping and storage.

3. E-Commerce Packaging

E-commerce has exploded recently. As a result, packaging suppliers now offer customized packaging solutions for this market. E-commerce packaging needs the following:

  • To be sturdy
  • To be secure
  • Easy to open
  • It also needs to be lightweight to keep shipping costs down

Packaging suppliers are now offering a range of e-commerce packaging solutions. These include the following:

  • Custom boxes
  • Bubble mailers
  • Padded envelopes

These solutions are designed to protect products during shipping. They also provide a positive unboxing experience for customers.

Package It Up!

The packaging supplier industry is constantly evolving to meet the needs of businesses and customers. Packaging companies seek to improve customer solutions with eco-friendly materials and innovative designs. 

It’s great to see how the industry keeps changing and meeting new challenges, and we’re excited to see what’s coming next!

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