Have you ever bought something online and made a snap judgment on the product after seeing the packaging? Most of us have, whether it’s positive or negative.

It’s no secret that packaging matters, and your customers are forming an opinion of you from the moment they see the box.

So don’t default to boring or outdated box designs; innovative solutions await. Read on to learn about the different types of packaging boxes for all your supply needs. 

1. Corrugated Boxes

The brown, ubiquitous corrugated box is familiar to everyone. It’s one of the main types of packaging you’ll need for your business, whatever product you sell.

These shipping boxes are hugely flexible, hence their popularity. They are strong, highly durable, and easy to stack. Plus, the corrugated lining provides a natural cushion to help protect whatever is inside.

You’ll find this type of packaging used in everything from beauty products to electronics and even food.

2. Die-Cut Packaging

A die-cut box is created and cut using precision technology, which means it’s highly customizable to fit any shape or size of the product, giving a perfect fit.

This is useful if you need packaging materials to keep your product secure in transit. You can tailor a die-cut box to suit your branding needs. For example, you can create a unique way of opening and closing the box and add windows.

All this adds to a premium product experience for the customer when unboxing.  

3. Rigid Boxes

Don’t confuse rigid boxes with corrugated boxes. There are different styles of packaging.

Rigid boxes use dense cards you can’t collapse. They are thicker, so they don’t have the same lightweight qualities as traditional corrugated.

That makes rigid boxes ideal for retailing packaging. Use them for products in need of extra protection from damage like crushing. Plus, the premium feel of the box makes the packaging appear more high-end.

You’ll find expensive gifts and luxury products like electronics packaged this way.

4. Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are a versatile style of cardboard packaging. They often contain graphics on the side and can be used for a range of products, like food, cosmetics, and small electronics.

One of the reasons this style of packaging is popular is that it’s easy to assemble, so it’s a fast solution in any busy warehouse. Folding cartons are also cost-effective, which is ideal to keep your packing and shipping costs low.

5. Mailer Boxes

If you want a durable design that’s easy to use, a mailer box could be the perfect choice. These boxes have flaps that offer a self-locking mechanism, making it easy to prepare your package for shipping.

You’ll see mailer boxes used frequently in the subscription box industry, often with branding and customization. They look great and provide a special unboxing experience that’s become a central part of buying products online.

Types of Packaging Boxes

Don’t assume you need to put all your products in the same uniform box. Innovations in types of packaging boxes offer the perfect opportunity to turn packaging into part of your brand identity. 

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