We all know what a cardboard box is, right? Actually you might not! There is a difference between cardboard and a corrugated box. Though we often say cardboard box (it’s easier!) often we mean corrugated box.

So, what is a corrugated box? Why should you use them to package your product?

Keep reading to learn all you wanted to know about corrugated boxes!

What Is a Corrugated Box?

First things first, corrugate means “to form or shape into wrinkles or folds or into alternating ridges and grooves.” So, a corrugated box is one that has rows of small air-filled grooves running the length of the material. They’re made from paperboard and typically have three layers.

The liner board is the flat, thick paper that looks smooth. It makes up the two outside surfaces of the box. Inside those layers is the part with the air grooves called the medium. This is the “corrugated” part of the box.

This grooved material, also referred to as the flute, comes in several measurements. Larger grooves provide better cushioning and strength, while smaller grooves provide structural integrity and lower overall thickness.

There are some varieties that only have one outside layer. Some corrugated boxes have multiple layers of medium and liner board for added protection.

It is even possible to mix a few different variations of flute material in a multiple-layer box to tailor the strength and protective qualities that are best for a certain product.

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Simple cardboard boxes, on the other hand, are like thick paper. Shoeboxes or cereal boxes are typically made from cardboard and don’t provide nearly the strength or protection that corrugated boxes do.

Advantages of Corrugated Boxes

Using corrugated boxes offers several advantages.

The grooves create air space between the layers of the paperboard. This gives the box greater durability and strength, but also provides more cushion to protect whatever is being transported in the box. The grooves also allow the box to tolerate more weight and jostling during shipping.

Also, the material used to create corrugated boxes is re-usable and biodegradable, so it is better for the environment!

Demand for Shipping Materials

As e-commerce continues to grow, particularly now during the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for quality shipping materials grows along with it. Every online purchase needs a good shipping material, and this is quite often a corrugated box.

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The packaging and shipping material industry, including the ever-present corrugated box, is not always what you see on the news, but it is a vital part of any modern business.

More Than Cardboard

What is a corrugated box? It’s the shipping box that offers greater protection, durability, and cushion for whatever you’re shipping. Whatever your business is, ours is here to make sure your products are shipped safely and efficiently.

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