Your customer receives their order in the mail, but it’s not the product in the packaging they swoon over and post on Instagram for friends and family to see. It’s the box it came in.

Research shows that the packaging is vital to a product’s success, as it captures consumers’ attention and helps differentiate products from competitors’ offerings. Colors are especially influential, with green symbolizing something fresh and organic.

How can you package ideas in an effective way? Let’s explore four small business packaging ideas that can help you sell successful products.

1. Small Business Packaging Ideas: Add-On

You might currently send a monthly e-mail newsletter to existing customers highlighting your business’s latest offerings. Does it show your customers what’s happening behind the scenes, though?

Consider adding these fun, relationship-building tidbits to a physical newsletter and include it in your product packaging. Your packaging will instantly become just as sought-after as your product.

Alternatives to physical newsletters featuring exclusive content include a recent photo campaign or a postcard. Make these add-ons available for limited periods for a unique branding experience.

2. Packaging Personalization

The top product packaging tips also include using personalized packaging. Suppose your products will reach your customers’ doorsteps safely in simple mailers. Personalized boxes and bags can still help you add a human touch.

Display your business’s logo or slogan on the packaging. Even your company name is sufficient. These personal additions will make your products stand out and give your clients a premium buying experience.

3. Product Instructions

Your product might require specific steps. Make their customer experience stress-free by including special instructions in the packaging.

Let’s say you’re selling kids’ tattoos. Include instructions for applying the tattoos to a child’s skin (e.g., cleaning the skin with alcohol before placing the tattoo’s sticky side on the skin). This will help your customers experience the best results and keep them returning to your company for more products.

4. Product Packaging Tape

Not all packaging tape has to look drab. One of the top product design ideas is to add pizzazz to your product packaging by using colorful, eye-catching tape.

Choose a fluorescent tape with your logo to draw attention to your offering. Another option is to use stickers rather than tape. Stickers with your company’s signature image or logo may help establish your business’s brand.

Consider picking a tape or sticker color that matches your product packaging’s inside materials. These may range from tissue paper to the postcards mentioned earlier.

How We Can Help With Product Packaging

The top small business packaging ideas include adding a physical newsletter. You may also add a postcard or photo campaign to your product package as an add-on. Other popular ideas include wrapping your product in personalized wrapping.

Including product instructions with your packaging will help make your product user-friendly. Colorful tape is another great option for making your product more appealing to customers.

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