With over 31 million small businesses in the United States, you want to make sure yours stands out. But how? You may think of ways to market your business online or make your brand stand out with specific products, but have you ever considered using custom boxes with a logo for shipping your products?

Since not many businesses do that, you’ll make your business stand out with custom boxes!

Keep reading for custom packaging ideas with your logo for your business.

1. Make Your Logo Relevant

Depending on the type of business you are creating your logo for, you want to make sure the font fits correctly as well as the design. If you’re sending baby toys, it may not be the best to use fancy script as your font. If you are designing high end clothes, you probably want to convey the higher price tag with a fancier font.

2. Think of Colors That Stand Out

When designing your logo, you want to make sure you add elements of design that make the logo pop. Again, this depends on what your product is, but a black and white logo may not make your business stand out as much as a colorful logo will.

3. Look at Your Competitors

You want to make sure you take your competitors’ logos into account when creating your own design for your product packaging. Odds are that you are trying to market the same thing so looking at their designs will give you some good ideas for what to do as well as what not to do.

4. Inspire Yourself With a Picture

Think about it. Most logos are just a picture that has been drawn.

If you’re running a pet toy business, you may want a logo of your favorite pet on every box you send out. Take that photo and give it to a freelance drawer to sketch, and there you have it — a custom logo for your business to put on your custom boxes!

5. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Although you think that your logo needs to be the most creative one out there, you can find inspiration through logos that already exist. Take a few examples that you love that are within your business’ niche and form something that has a little of each.

You’re getting ideas from other businesses, but creating your own, unique logo.

Get Your Custom Boxes With a Logo

Sending a package without a logo from your business isn’t marketing as well as you could be. To make your business stand out, you want to create custom boxes that make you stand out!

If someone goes out to their porch and sees custom boxes with a logo, they know exactly what they’re about to open. That can create more excitement than someone may typically get!

Ready to customize your own boxes with your logo? Order from us as your packaging supplier to create the custom boxes you want for your business.