With 72% of American consumers saying that product design packaging has an effect on their buying decision, it is no surprise that there is a marketing effort to make the outside of a box more appealing.

But, how do you know which design will make your customers happy and coming back for more?

Start by learning about these 5 packaging trends to transform your shipping style. 

1. Return-Ready Boxes

One of the best packaging tips is to make things easy for your customer. This even means allowing simple returns, especially since the average return rate for online sales is about 30%. 

When a shipped package transforms into a returnable package then it shows your customers how much you value them. Because even though you hope the item won’t be returned, creating a method to do so develops long-lasting and satisfied customers. 

2. Hand-Wrapped Exteriors

Business packaging can get very monotonous and boring. Why not gain the benefits of a custom package design? One way to create customization is by adding a hand-wrapped exterior. 

Some examples include a tied ribbon, flap folding, and intricate weaving. These methods not only show personalization, but also keep the package secure. 

3. Minimalist Sustainable 

Other emerging trends are the use of eco-friendly materials and minimalist design. This style goes beyond recyclable and biodegradable, although it is a major part of it. 

Using a minimal amount of packing material is the main focus to prevent overproduction and waste. You may see packages wrapped in wax paper and cardboard rather than the whole box filled with peanut cushions. 

4. Typography and Graphic Mix

Packaging isn’t all about the customer. You can include your company’s brand on the package as well for an additional promotion effort. However, this doesn’t just mean your logo or company name on the box. 

The use of eclectic typography and graphics makes your box stand out while displaying your company’s style. Your customers will notice your box when it arrives and subconsciously get excited by its sight. 

5. Nostalgic Blasts From the Past 

Your business may be modern but your design aesthetic can use the classics to get attention. That is why businesses are turning to retro-style packing options that make their customers feel warm and happy inside when they open the box. 

Some examples of nostalgic packaging include:

  • Tin Can Containers
  • High Contrast Two-Tone Coloring
  • Cardboard Rather Than Plastic Cases
  • Simplistic Rope Wrapping

These classic packing ideas may fit into or mix well with the other trends on this list, so feel free to combine them for a perfect design. 

Getting Help With Packaging Trends

No matter which of these packaging trends you use getting your package to its destination is the most important part of delivery. Utilizing an inventory management service is the best way to get your products packed and shipped on time.

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