More than 100 billion parcels are shipped around the world every year. Storing, packing, and shipping products is a central cost for many businesses. It can also suck up a lot of time that you could otherwise spend on efforts to grow your company. That’s where custom packaging services come in. They can warehouse your products, then pack and ship items as orders come in.

These services are not free, but the time and labor they can save you can more than offset these costs. How much these services can save you depends on your unique business needs.

The good news is there are several advantages to consider to help you make this decision. Keep reading to find out five ways custom shipping might benefit your business and impact your bottom line.

1. Improved Delivery Times

Part of what you are buying with a custom packaging service is their experience. Shipping is their main focus, so they can operate very efficiently. Faster delivery times can mean happier clients and expanded business for you.

Your company probably doesn’t have storage facilities across your state or region. One basic reason a custom packaging supplier can ship faster is by having warehouses that are close to your clients.

Besides greater efficiency, custom packaging fulfillment allows you further reach. You may find that you can now deliver to clients that were otherwise outside your service radius due to shipping costs.

2. Cheaper Shipping

Efficiency also equals cost savings. Depending on the client, product, and route, custom packaging services may be able to ship your products faster and cheaper than your normal shipping speeds. These savings can add up over time and allow you to invest in other aspects of your business.

3. Reduced Operating Expenses

Warehousing is a big component of custom product packaging. It allows you to reduce or even eliminate leasing storage costs from your operating budget.

Product packaging businesses also will have more competitive packing materials prices. So, you can expect to pay cheaper prices for these products than you would be able to negotiate on your own.

Labor makes up about 65 percent of warehousing operations costs. Reducing these expenses associated with order fulfillment is another huge plus of using a custom packaging business.

4. More Time to Focus On Other Areas

If shipping takes up a good portion of your workday, using a packaging service will free that time up so you can focus on other tasks.

It may allow you to devote much-needed attention to projects that are lagging or to get new enterprises off the ground. Being able to devote more time to areas that need it can boost your business.

5. Customization

Of course, one of the main reasons businesses use custom packaging services is their ability to personalize packaging. For instance, many custom packaging businesses offer custom boxes with a logo.

Customization extends to shipping itself. You may not need to expedite every order. You might find that it is cheaper to fulfill certain ones yourself while outsourcing others to the packaging service. Having these options allows you to tweak your delivery priorities in ways that would be impossible without such a service.

Find Custom Packaging Near You

Now that you have an idea of the advantages of custom packaging services, you can decide if it is right for your business. Reputable packaging companies will be upfront with you about prospective costs and be willing to discuss ways they can save you time and money.

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