Customer expectations are high when it comes to the packing and shipping of their orders. There’s a growing need to provide a quality experience that begins with unpacking their items.

What better way to show your customers they purchased a high-end product than by ensuring it arrives damage-free in a customized box?

If you have a product that needs packing and shipping, the style and material of your packing and shipping boxes should be of utmost importance to you. Read to discover five benefits of corrugated boxes and why they are the perfect choice for packaging your product.

Corrugated Boxes vs. Traditional Cardboard

Although corrugated and traditional cardboard appear similar and have similar qualities, their differences are notable in packing, storing, shipping, and product protection.

Cardboard is made from pulp and resembles a thicker, heavier form of paper, and its structure is one flat layer. Corrugated cardboard contains the same raw materials, but the structure sets it apart.

Corrugated cardboard makes use of three layers. There are two outer layers of traditional cardboard, but there is an essential structural component inside. 

Corrugated cardboard contains an inner layer known as the flute. The flute is a wave or triangular pattern of cardboard that provides extra strength to the overall structure of the cardboard. The result is a more rigid and durable cardboard product.

Why You Should Choose Corrugated Boxes

Now that you know the difference between corrugated and traditional boxes, let’s go over why the former is superior. 


Die-cut corrugated boxes offer a unique, custom design for containing your product. A die press cuts the corrugated cardboard to your exact specifications. You can customize them to particular shapes, sizes, and designs.

The result is compact, professional custom packaging that gives the appearance it’s tailored to your product.

Protect Your Product

Because of the added durability of the fluting, the products you need packed, stored, or shipped are better protected. The stress of the shipping process will not affect the contents of a corrugated box.

The custom aspect of die-cut boxes eliminates extra open space inside, resulting in little to no internal collision of items.


Another benefit of the space-saving configuration of die-cut boxes is the lack of waste. You won’t be purchasing larger boxes that cost more only to use them on smaller items, which means cost and material savings.

With die-cut boxes, displaying items right from the carton is possible. You’ll eliminate the need for additional shelving or display cases.

The fluting that gives resistance to crushing does so with no significant weight added. Shipping weight doesn’t increase, but you still reap the benefits of added protection.

Compact Storage

Before packing your products, you’ll need a place to store the boxes. With die-cut corrugated boxes, they’ll arrive flattened. This makes them low-profile and easy to store until you’re ready to assemble and pack.

Ease of Assembly

Die-cut boxes will have pre-made slots and foldable tabs. A few easy maneuvers and the box is ready to house its contents. There is also no need for taping or glue; the folds and tabs secure the box into its proper form.

Choose Corrugated 

Choosing die-cut corrugated boxes is the best way to appeal to your customers and protect your product. 

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