75% of companies surveyed by L.E.K. Consulting in 2019 said they would spend more on their packaging. Therefore, your company’s packaging will face a lot of competition. To keep up with this, you need to make sure your packaging is still effective. If you’re not sure how to do this, read on. You’ll learn 5 ways to check your packaging supplier for their effectiveness.

1. “Is My Packaging Manufacturer Threatening My Brand?”

The demands that your customers have for your brand will change as time goes on. Make sure that you can satisfy them. If you don’t, you risk damaging your brand in your customer’s eyes.

For example, consider the rise in eco-consciousness. Multiple customers now demand that companies use environmentally friendly packaging materials. Those that don’t are getting threatened by boycotts.

The customer comes first. If your packaging manufacturer refuses to use the right materials, drop them. It’s worth it to protect your brand.

2. “Are My Company’s Sales Slowing Down?”

Your packaging may not have caused a slump in sales. However, good packaging changes can cause them to increase again.

At the very least, use this occurrence as a sign to check the features of your packaging. Make sure that the design looks relevant to the times. Any branding message that isn’t relevant to the current climate should get revised.

3. “Do the Packages Still Possess Quality?”

The ‘best packaging supplier’ for your business changes with time. New management and employees will move in. Their manufacturing methods and materials will change.

It’s up to you to make sure these changes aren’t for the worst. Be sure to perform frequent quality checks on your packages. Inspect them for strength, appearance, and other important aspects.

If you notice anything amiss, consider changing your packaging partner.

4. “Has a New Technology Emerged?”

Innovations are happening all the time. It’s important for you to monitor them. A new technology that comes out in the next year may be a key to making your packaging more effective.

For example, a new foam may do a better job of protecting your products. Using it could decrease your product loss immensely.

In situations such as these, evolving your packaging as soon as possible is key.

5. “Have My Products Changed?”

A change in your product’s size, shape, or so might require new packaging techniques. This is especially important if your packing is custom built to fit around your products.

Therefore, as you’re quality checking your products’ new features, check your packaging features as well. Make sure that it can still accommodate them well.

Need a New Packaging Supplier? Try Us!

It may be difficult to let go of a packaging supplier you’ve worked with for so long. There might be people in the company with which you have great relationships. However, these are not worth hindering your business’ success.

If you need to replace your packaging manufacturer, consider us! We offer quality products, competitive prices, and efficient packaging services. Feel free to contact us with your questions and/or orders.