Your business operations rely on dependable boxes that can help you complete your logistics goals. If the boxes fail, then your business can fail.

Buying your shipping boxes wholesale may be the solution that positively affects your business across the board.

Make sure you consider these five tips in your box purchasing decisions.

1. Advertising and Design

Whether your boxes are being used to ship products or store supplies, you want people to know the boxes belong to your company. What do your current boxes say about your brand?

A company should be branding every opportunity possible. Boxes can have an iconic name and logo, or they can stand out and catch everyone’s eye.

A reputable box wholesaler will be able to provide you with the designs you desire.

2. Going Green

Is your company an advocate of safer environmental practices? You can pick materials that are recycled to reduce unnecessary waste, or you can choose biodegradable boxes that won’t harm the environment when they are thrown away.

With more businesses pushing green initiatives, your vendors will be happy to know if you are making conscious efforts to make a better world.

3. The Price of Shipping Boxes Wholesale

The growth and survival of your business depend on the bottom line. Affordable boxes can help you achieve a healthy and robust income statement.

Being able to forecast the need and supply levels of shipping boxes will make it easier for you to order in bulk. The more boxes you order, the cheaper each box will be.

Make sure you can calculate the landed cost of a bulk order against a standard order. The difference might only be a few dollars; but over the course of a fiscal year, you could save hundreds or thousands.

4. Quality is King

Your business needs boxes that have the structural integrity to withstand unknown events. Before you place an order, ask for samples so you can conduct your own tests.

Avoid the mistake of picking a box supplier based on price alone. The cheapest box might also mean the worst durability. If a price is too good to be true, there’s probably a reason.

When you make an agreement with a packaging supplier, you need to include a clause that guarantees the supplier will send free boxes for any quality control issues.

5. Delivery Time

If a packaging supplier is going to pride themselves on the quality of their shipping boxes, then they should arrive on time. Whether they are shipping to you or for you, it’s vital that the boxes are delivered without interruptions.

If a box doesn’t arrive on time, you could lose out on profit and future business.

Don’t Get Boxed Out

If you can abide by these five tips when buying shipping boxes wholesale, then you can have a positive impact on the world while saving money.

Don’t get boxed out with inferior products and service. Contact us today for all your packaging needs.