It’s never been more important for your products to arrive safely at their destinations. Whether you’re packing fragile items or not, customers count on you to provide products that arrive safely—whether they buy them in-store or order for delivery.

Small and large businesses will lose business when packaging problems drive customers away. Are you making any of these six product packaging mistakes? Avoid these issues to improve your business success!

1. Not Enough Protection

Even non-fragile items need protective packaging. A shipment can become damaged in a variety of ways once it leaves packaging your facility. Without securing your items safely within the package, you risk customers receiving broken items that require replacements or refunds.

2. Busy Packaging

Overdesigning your product package can leave customers confused and frustrated. Keep the design simple and appealing. When customers can clearly understand what’s in the box, they’re more likely to buy your product and find satisfaction with their purchase.

3. Difficult to Open

There’s “secure” packaging—then there’s “impossible to open” packaging.

Don’t make it too difficult for consumers to open and use your items. If they have to fight their way in or hurt themselves on frustrating packaging, they’re less likely to buy from you again—even if they enjoy your product.

Customers will appreciate your product more when they experience the balance between secure and open-friendly packaging. 

4. Mistakes

Did you proofread the words and designs for packages before printing? You might be surprised at how quickly consumers can spot a typo, an odd graphic, other design mistakes that quickly become a public relations nightmare. 

Make sure your packaging is mistake-free before putting it into circulation. 

5. Inaccuracy or Misrepresentation

Your customers expect to purchase a full box or package. When your product arrives, will they be disappointed that the bag contents are far less (or smaller) than the size of the packaging? 

Not everyone reads the fine print about the weight or size of your product. Help increase customer satisfaction with the size of boxes that accurately represents the product inside. The right size package helps consumers feel like they got their money’s worth when purchasing your goods. 

6. Excessive Packaging

Over-packaging an item can lead to excessive waste. In an environmentally-conscious culture, your products will make a better impression when they arrive in secure, effective packaging—without excessive bubble-wrap or other materials that can appear wasteful. 

Using eco-friendly, minimalist packaging can boost your credibility as a responsible packager. However, make sure your packaging choices still keep your products safe without increasing the cost of your products. 

Keep Customers Happy When You Avoid Product Packaging Mistakes 

Happy customers boost your profits! Plus, packaging problems can hurt your bottom line. Keep customers happier and increase your income when you avoid product packaging mistakes. 

Need help choosing the best packaging solutions for your products? From containment materials to shipping options, Packaging Fulfillment Co. helps manufacturers keep items safe en route to consumers. Contact us to learn how we can help!