Did you know that every year about 95% of new products are unsuccessful? Poor packaging is to blame. Packaging is the key to grabbing customer’s attention and making them want to spend money on your product.

Especially with cereal since all benefits are located on the box. So, how do you create a stunning cereal box?

Don’t worry; with this guide, you can learn about the three tips to create the best cereal box design. From sustainable packaging to adding a personal touch, you can produce the most profitable cereal today.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s the insider scoop on how to produce a creative cereal box:

Have Sustainable Packaging

In today’s society, consumers are more environmentally conscious about product packaging. In order to target a wide audience, it’s essential to move towards sustainable packaging. For example, plant-based materials and paper packaging can eliminate the need for plastic inner bags that are usually found inside cereal boxes.

However, another option that’s been widely used by companies is recyclable plastic. Recyclable plastic bags can keep food fresh for a longer period of time while bringing consumers peace of mind.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Cereal Box Design

Adding a personal touch creates a memorable experience that will leave customers wanting more. That’s why it’s essential to identify who your target consumers are and market to that specific customer base.

For example, if you’re marketing to kids, use large fonts, bright colors, and custom patterns to make your cereal box stand out. Just don’t forget to add cartoon characters, puzzle games, and even mazes to make your box entertaining.

Kids want to enjoy breakfast with a big scoop of cereal and a silly trivia quiz about their favorite cartoon character. After all, breakfast is about having fun; however, try not to go overboard. Designs shouldn’t be overcomplicated; instead, they should be simple and easy to read.

On the other hand, if you’re selling a weight loss cereal, make sure to advertise its nutrients and beneficial features. Make sure the box looks sleek and displays the cereal in an attractive way.

Use pictures of slim models to advertise that product works effectively. That way, customers believe they’re buying a product that will have a positive result in their life. Adding these small personal touches connects the consumer with your brand and ultimately reinforces the customer to purchase your product again and again.

Add Your Logo to the Packaging

Adding your logo to your product packaging is one of the simplest ways to set you apart from the competition. It makes your product look unique and allows customers to always remember your cereal box.

In fact, a recent study found that visible logos and brand names had a significant impact on decision making. Leading customers to purchase products since they believe the brand is trustworthy and dependable.

Thus, it’s important to display your logo in a unique fashion, whether in an ultra- simplistic design or in a large and creative way. Just make sure it reinforces your one of a kind brand identity and displays your brand’s mission.

Create a Custom Cereal Box Today

Creating a cereal box can be a difficult task. To market to a wide audience, you should include sustainable packaging, add a personal touch, and even include your logo on the box. You want to make the cereal box tell a story. Whether it be full of entertaining characters for kids or promote weight loss for adults, it should attract customers to purchase the cereal just by looking at the box.

For more information about custom cereal box design ideas, contact us today. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.