At least 75% of people shop online every month. Those numbers can spike dramatically depending on the industry, such as with fashion brands or large online retailers. 

If your business struggles with inventory control as a result of these online sales, then you may need a fulfillment center’s help. A fulfillment center is a warehouse that handles all the packing and distributing of your products. They’re especially useful with online orders and handling returns. 

Here’s how fulfillment centers are equipped to deal with fluctuating demands. 

Improved Efficiency with Specialized Equipment

One of the first benefits of utilizing a third party for your fulfillment demands is that they often already come with specialized equipment. This is useful not only for handling much larger orders but also to assist with any oddly-shaped products. 

For example, conveyor systems keep things moving throughout the packing and shipping process. Moving heavy materials may need things like forklifts and pulley systems. Some fulfillment centers can also provide customized packaging for your products. 

Not only do these services help you save money, but they also mean that you’ll always have the right equipment available to deal with your peak demand. 

They Handle Increased Seasonal Demand Better

Fulfillment centers have the manpower and experience to better handle seasonal demands. These seasonal demands are the fluctuations in your business based on the season, like summer or winter. Naturally, people buy a lot more gifts during the Winter months than they would during Spring or Fall. 

You’ll also encounter fluctuating demand based on man-made seasonality. This includes times such as the wedding season or when a new college semester starts up again. 

Track Performance 

Another way fulfillment centers handle seasonal inventory and demand is by tracking their performance. They can see which products sell the most and at what times. They can also track the cost of shipping out these products and figure out if there’s a more efficient way to do so. 

You can easily find out if your business is prone to certain fluctuations in demand at specific times of the year. 

Better Inventory Management Software

Utilizing the proper inventory management software is key to inventory control. This software can track things like replenishment frequency, safety stock, and lead times. 

This ensures that they’ll have the right products at the right time and never have issues sending out orders. While your company could purchase the software on its own, you’ll have to take extra time to train your employees how to make the best use of it. 

Inventory Control Made Easier

Trying to handle all of your order and shipping needs on your own can prove difficult, even when you’re not dealing with fluctuating demand. You’ll need more help with your inventory control if you hope to grow and succeed, though. 

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