Over 6.2 billion packages are shipped each year. How do companies make sure their products arrive safely?

As a business owner, you know how stressful shipping can be, especially if you want to impress new clients.

However, there’s a great way to help your orders arrive safely— ship with a corrugated cardboard box.

Keep reading to learn why corrugated cardboard is the best shipping material, and get started today.

A Corrugated Cardboard Box is Durable

Corrugated material is the best for custom cardboard box design. Made from three layers of cardboard, two smooth and the interior rippled, it’s much stronger than paper or regular cardboard.

This makes it fantastic for shipping, as it can withstand whatever the postal company may do to it. It keeps your goods safe, so you won’t need to use as much interior packaging as well.

For any heavy goods that require shipping, use corrugated cardboard.


Despite its strength, a corrugated carton box is still lightweight enough that it’s easy for the customer to pick up from the post office and carry home.

Lightweight also means you’ll pay less for shipping, a great bonus for businesses.

Easy to Customize

Corrugated cardboard works perfectly in any size, from tiny to large boxes. No matter what product you need to ship, we can create the perfect size box for you.

Not only that, but a custom box helps your business stand out. Custom packaging is a great way to build up your brand with a unique selling point.

You can easily print your brand name or label onto the package, or add labeling stickers to help your parcel stand out in a crowd.

Environmentally Friendly

Recycling is incredibly important to the planet, and corrugated cardboard is easily recycled. Cardboard recycling helps save trees, reduces greenhouse gas, and helps reduce waste.

Also, sustainability is an important factor for many customers when deciding what business to support. Showing that your company is looking after the environment could help you attract new clients.

Your Contents Will Arrive Safe

When your business is shipping products, the most important thing is that they arrive safely with your customer.

With quality corrugated cardboard boxes, even fragile contents will arrive safely in a package that’s both strong and attractive. Corrugation also protects the interior contents from extreme temperatures or moisture. This helps to reduce any damage if the package is left outside.

Using adhesive or tape, your box can easily be sealed for transport, but it will be easy for the client to open.

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