Do customers care about how you package your products? The resounding answer is yes, they do.

According to one recent survey, for example, 86% of customers said they would make buying decisions based on whether a company’s packaging was sustainable. 

In this guide, we’ll explain how to put together your small business packaging goals. Read on to learn how to make your packaging as impressive as your product. 

Understand How Packaging Helps You Stay Ahead of the Competition

When establishing packaging goals for your business, it’s essential to ask yourself: What role does packaging play in my business?

The reality for many small businesses is that they have to be creative about standing out from the competition. High-quality packaging can help you do that.

The right packaging makes you look like a premium business with excellent attention to detail.

It’s worth reviewing your competitors’ packaging when putting together your business’s packaging goals. Think about how you can go a step further.

Think About Your Costs

Before you can set packaging goals, you need a budget. Creating limits on what you spend will ensure you stay profitable and give your customers value for money.

When you budget for packaging, consider these costs:

  • Packaging materials
  • Production time to pack an item
  • Shipping costs
  • Potential product damage

When setting goals, you’ll need to strike a balance between packaging that looks beautiful, is practical, and is affordable. That’s why it’s vital to consider it upfront.

Consider Brand Awareness

The types of packaging you choose reflect your brand. It’s part of what you sell and often the first impression a customer has about your business.

When setting goals, consider your brand and what you want to communicate to the outside world. Consider your customers’ priorities, too, like whether they expect eco-friendly packaging. 

Do you need customized packaging with your logo to help you look the part? Will your packaging help encourage customer loyalty, and will it help you achieve positive customer reviews?

Remember why your brand is important and whether your packaging choice helps support or hinder your brand. 

Innovative design ideas can also help promote your brand and ensure you stand out from competitors.

Ask yourself how to introduce innovation into your packaging when writing your goals. That’s something other brands, like Apple, have done well. 

Consider Your Choice of Packaging Partner

When putting together your business goals, you should take note of some of your practical priorities.

For example, you may need regular packaging shipments if you don’t have much warehouse space. So you need a company that’s flexible and reliable.

You also want one that offers the highest quality to help maintain your brand image.

Finally, prioritize suppliers that can provide the customization you need. You don’t want to compromise on the shape, material, or design since your packaging is a central component of your business.

Small Business Packaging Goals: Making an Impression 

When looking at your small business packaging goals, it’s tempting to start with your budget. While that’s important, it’s also vital you consider how your packaging reflects your brand and helps you stand out as a business. 

Why not explore our custom packaging for businesses now and see how they could help you meet those goals?