Did you know that over 70 percent of Americans say that product packaging heavily influences their decision to make a purchase? This means that it’s about so much more than the functional characteristics of your product packaging. Customers want to see product packaging that sells itself through customization and basically, standing out. Your product’s packaging can ultimately boost branding for your business through the way in which it displays your product.

Your packaging should be more than just a box for what you’re selling. It should make an impression. Keep reading to find out custom packaging with logos can truly boost branding.

Custom Packaging: What Is It?

The idea behind custom packaging is simple, really.

It’s about raising the bar when it comes to product expectations. Custom packaging is a way that your branding can have that ‘extra pizzazz’ and give your customer’s just a little taste of something extra.

For example, custom packaging can help you deliver a truly personalized experience to your customer. The big reveal of shopping is a big part of what drives customers, even if they know what they’ve bought, the unboxing experience in itself is half the excitement.

Custom packaging can make this entire experience one that boosts branding through how you create a unique adventure!

Boost Branding With Logo Location

Where you put your logo on your custom packaging absolutely matters to the impact that your brand can make. Custom boxes with logos just won’t do it, there’s got to be more strategy and thought to how you design your packaging, almost as much as goes into your product itself!

There are a lot of debates on whether high logo placement or low logo placement is the way to go, but ultimately, it’s about ensuring the entire packaging experience represents exactly what your brand is.

Put your logo front and center, make sure that it stands out and truly catches the eye of your customer. Also, add the logo in the places that may seem unnoticeable but can be described as subliminal reminders. Places like the underside of the box lid, a stamp underneath the box, a logo on the protective covering inside, all reinforce the way in which a customer digests your logo and branding through your packaging.

Size Does Matter

Take some time to understand how the size of your custom boxes can impact the unboxing experience and the impression that you’re trying to make on your customer.

Familiarize yourself with sizing charts and go with something that will provide functionality as well as the wow factor.

Glorious, Marvelous Boxes!

Want to boost branding?

Yes! This can be done with your custom packaging choices and how you choose to wrap your product up for the world. Everything from branded corrugated boxes to the shipping boxes that you choose, can all impact your brand!

If you’re feeling like you don’t know which option to go with or where to even start, contact us and the team will guide you with all your customer packaging needs.