Did you know that about 72% of consumers say that product packaging can impact their buying decision? Besides, 66% of people are more likely to buy goods in cardboard and paper wrapping than plastic ones.

Since product packaging is the first interaction buyers have with your goods, it’s crucial to ensure they represent your brand.

Unfortunately, creating attractive and high-quality boxes can be tricky without the right resources. Getting packaging service from another company allows you to make your items more noticeable. You can also prevent damage during transportation at a lower cost.

Are you wondering how to choose the best manufacturer for shipping supplies? Read on for the ultimate guide on selecting a packaging firm suitable for your needs.

1. Consider Product Packaging Quality

While it may be tempting to pick cheap corrugated box manufacturers, it’s vital to consider the quality of their services. Selecting a brand offering poor-quality products can lead to damages during shipping. Besides, it will lower customer satisfaction then increase your carbon footprint and costs.

Before selecting a packaging company, it’s advisable to request samples of their products to assess their quality. Besides, test them to gauge if they can withstand weight when stacked with other boxes.

Working with a packaging agency offering high-quality products will protect your goods. It also prevents frustrating customers after their orders arrive in damaged boxes.

2. Custom Packaging

Another factor to consider when looking for a packaging company is whether they offer custom services. Working with a firm that allows you to alter shipping boxes can improve buyer experiences.

Custom boxes with logos will also market your products and increase brand awareness. More benefits of tailored packaging are:

  • Improved product protection
  • Freedom to regulate size according to the products you are shipping
  • Reduced delivery costs

Getting custom packaging services can help you reduce damage in many ways. First, you get boxes designed for your products, preventing excessive movement during shipping. Besides, you can include labels like ‘fragile’ or’ this side up’ to ensure proper handling.

Another benefit of getting such packaging services is changing the design when needed. For example, you can include decorations to put your customers in a festive mood during the holiday season. Further, it’s possible to get special packaging for shipping goods during particular seasons.

3. Budget

When looking for a packaging supplier, determine how much you are willing to pay for these services.

Here, decide between different boxes like corrugated, folding, and rigid ones. After that, calculate the units needed for each product over a specific period. You should also consult providers to assess the cost of tailoring the packaging based on your needs.

Once you identify all the expenses, pick a company offering these services within your budget. Still, avoid settling for the cheapest one since it may compromise quality.

Get the Best Packaging Service

Identifying the best packaging service may seem tricky since you need to consider various factors. Luckily, selecting the right provider will reduce costs and help you boost brand awareness.

Packaging Fulfillment provides you with all the skills and tools you need to ensure a steady material flow. By partnering with us, you can create custom packaging for all your shipping needs. Contact us now to start enjoying reliable services and get high-quality shipping supplies.