Branding is the best way to make your business stand out from the competition. If your branding material looks the same as others, there will be nothing memorable that will bring customers back to your business.

One of the best branding opportunities is through your mailing packaging. When customers see this box on their doorstep, they’ll instantly know it’s from your business, what it is, and get excited.

That’s exactly why you should create a custom mailer box. The design will help you stand out and create an experience for your customers before they even get to the product. Here’s how to design a custom mailer box that excites.

Keep Your Product in Mind

While your packaging is important for branding, remember that it’s all about the product that the customer orders. You want your packaging to protect whatever is inside and ensure it makes it to the customer undamaged.

Consider what kind of products you’re selling and choose boxes with them in mind. If you have very breakable or fragile items, you may consider inserts that keep them stable during transit.

Consider Box Type and Size

In general, when it comes to outer packaging, there are mailer boxes and shipping boxes. For outer packaging, it’s best to choose corrugated boxes because it’s made of multiple layers of material.

Mailer boxes are good for small items that aren’t fragile. Shipping boxes are more durable and ideal for larger or more fragile items. Product packaging is what individual items may be contained in.

Customers Should Come First

Think about your customers and the experience they’ll have opening your packaging. Consider the demographics of your customers and what they’re looking for.

Of course, packaging should be pleasing to the eye. However, if you have a more luxurious product, you may consider different materials, while products aimed at a younger audience may be more colorful with fun prints.

Add Differentiating Details

As stated, branding helps set your business apart. So adding differentiating details on your custom packaging is essential.

This can be custom paper tissue that allows your customers to unwrap their product like a gift. A thank you note, stickers, or coupon code can be other details to include that set your packaging design apart.

Remember Your Brand Concept

You don’t want to forget about your brand’s overall concept when creating packaging. This is an opportunity to use custom boxes with logo, your brand colors, or your slogan.

Put your brand concept front and center with your packaging. Show your customers why they chose to purchase from you in the first place.

Stunning Custom Mailer Box for Your Brand

There are many businesses that sell similar products as yours. That’s why it’s essential to set your business apart with exceptional branding.

The way you brand your business can help customers identify you and also provide them with a unique experience. Use a custom mailer box as a way to make a first impression and cement your branding.

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