According to a survey, 7 in 10 consumers say a brand’s packaging can greatly influence their buying decisions. About 67% of consumers pay attention to the material of the package, and 70% agree that paper and cardboard packaging leaves more room for innovation and creativity.

It’s easy to overlook the packaging sector of your business. However, improving your packaging designs can play a major role in improving brand identity and awareness.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, it’s all about the first impression. Read on to find out if your small business needs a packaging supplier.

Your Customers Don’t Remember You

Your product packaging is the first impression customers have of your business. The product may be amazing, but if the package is mediocre the customer may not remember your brand. Corrugated box manufacturers offer durable custom boxes with logo options and designs to meet your company’s standards.

It’s important to give customers the full experience of the product, from when it arrives at their doorsteps to when they use it. Customers may be more eager to receive your product, knowing it’ll arrive in a well-designed pristine package.

Lack of Brand Identity

If your customers are having trouble understanding your brand, it may be time to paint a picture through custom packaging. Does your package clearly display your logo? Is your packaging consistent with company colors, fonts, and symbols?

Your customers should know all about your brand identity before they even open the box. Like the product, your package design should carry its own style that is unique to your brand. It’s important to choose the right product packaging supplier that will help you meticulously showcase your brand identity.

Unclear Company Values

It’s best to practice your company values in every aspect of the business. For example, if you’re a business that promotes sustainability and transparency, your packaging should mirror your company’s beliefs as well.

Cardboard boxes are much more sustainable than plastic mailers. A study shows that 42% of Americans prefer products to be packaged in cardboard and paper material over plastic.

Opting for a more sustainable packaging route lets customers know your brand cares about transparency and the environment.

In Need of New Marketing Strategies

It’s important to market your brand in creative ways today, especially when the e-commerce world is booming. If your team is having trouble coming up with new marketing ideas, start with how you package your product.

Think, does my package design sell my product? Thanks to our social media era, people are quick to share products and designs they love.

If your package design stands out, customers are more likely to share it on social media which increases sales and brand awareness.

Find a Packaging Supplier Today

If your company is struggling with any of these problems, it may be time to contact a packaging supplier. Your package design plays a major role in creating a loyal customer.

When it comes to creating the ultimate customer experience, every detail counts. Contact us today to begin custom packaging.