You have developed an excellent product. You’ve chosen a name for it and possibly even a catchy slogan. Your brand is all kitted out with a logo, an appealing color scheme, a unique font, and a social media presence backing it all up. 

There’s just one thing missing: the perfect packaging.

Believe it or not, the packaging for your goods can make or break your success. So read on as we provide tips for how to package a product in a way that maximizes your profit!

Appealing to Aesthetics

How your product and its packaging look are an essential extension of your brand. The appeal of whatever you are selling doesn’t end with the product itself. Rather, it extends from the moment a customer clicks on your website or Instagram post all the way through receipt of their order and unveiling the item.

The package you choose is a key part of this entire experience. 

Think about those robin’s egg blue boxes with white ribbons that a certain jewelry company has used for years. You know who we’re talking about — and that’s the point! The packaging they use is absolutely iconic and as much a part of the company identity as anything they sell.

Setting Your Brand Up for Unboxing

In the past few years, the trend of “unboxing” has become a big deal. That’s due partly to the popularity of subscription boxes but also to influencer culture. People want to watch their favorite YouTubers and Instagrammers open up a box with goodies inside. 

Baffling as this trend may be to the older generations, unboxing is undeniably “a thing.” And it’s here to stay. That means you need to package your product not like a widget, but like a gift. 

The more “unboxable” your product is, the better it’s going to sell — and that element has everything to do with the package you choose for it.

The Subtle Sell of Environmental Friendliness

Are your packages and wrapping and filler material environmentally friendly? Some customers care more about this than others, of course. Those who really make it a priority to purchase eco-friendly products from environmentally responsible companies are a huge market, of course.

But you’re also selling to plenty of other people who might not seem to care, on the surface, how “green” their purchase is. Nevertheless, when they see recycled packaging materials, they will notice. And that’s another notch in your business’s belt.

Give Your Customers a Gift

Everyone loves to unwrap a gift! That’s never been truer than now, when so much of what we receive — mail, money, presents, information, contact with friends and loved ones — is virtual.

Why not go the extra mile and make sure your products are packaged beautifully, just like a present? It will help elevate the value of the item — and by extension, of your company.

How to Package a Product: The Best Way You Can

It will pay to choose high-quality, eco-friendly, aesthetically appealing packaging to wrap and send your products. Wondering how to package a product in a way that will appeal to customers and satisfy your desire for brand recognition and growth? We advise you to go all out!

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