You put care into every package you send. Whether it’s gifts for loved ones or products sent to your important clients, it matters that it arrives safely.

Once you ship your package, it’s out of your hands. How can you ensure that it gets to where it’s going without breaking?

Secure packaging will allow you to do everything in your power to get your packages to their destinations damage-free. Start here to learn about the best secure packaging strategies!

Start with the Right Box

Boxes for shipping may seem straightforward enough, but there are multiple options that may work better or worse for your needs. Secure packaging strategies should begin with the right box! You’ll need to choose the right material and size.

Find a box that is just a little bigger than the object you need to ship. This ensures that your object doesn’t have too much room to move around. Sometimes, the size of your box impacts the price of shipping, so you could save a few dollars with the right size box as well!

Reusing boxes is great for your wallet and the environment, but to be secure, it should be sturdy. Learn more about the differences between cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes so you can be sure to pick the right one.

Secure Packaging with Fillers

Every secure packaging guide will mention the value of using fillers! Fillers keep your item safe by cushioning them against jolts and keeping them still.

Beyond bubble wrap, some great fillers include air pillows, foam peanuts, and paper. Using these fillers in combination with each other will give you the benefits of all of them!

Remember, package fragile items so that they are not touching the sides of the box! Fillers should completely surround your objects to ensure their safety. 

Use Labels

To make sure your shipment is treated with care, use fragile labels to mark delicate packages. Glass warning labels are also helpful for shippers and couriers. Place them on all sides of the box so that they are always visible.

Likewise, you can add “this side up” labels for extra security. Each side of the box should have one. Then, put a “keep upright” label on the top. 

Add Insurance

Even with super-secure packaging, unpredictable accidents can damage your shipment. For fragile or important items, it’s worth it to add shipping insurance. It will protect you in case of lost, stolen, or damaged packages!

The cost of insurance depends on the value of the contents. It’s affordable, at only a few dollars per $50 of value.

Ship with Confidence

Don’t let your gifts, products, and other shipments get damaged! Using these secure packaging tips will keep your valuable items safe during transport. Learn more about shipping best practices so that you can ship anything with peace of mind.

Now that you know the basics of secure packaging, take your product shipment to the next level! Great packaging is a surefire way to spark growth in your small business! Contact us today to get started with custom packaging!