Do you watch unboxing videos? You’re not alone. If you add up all the times people have watched unboxing videos just on their phones, it would be equivalent to watching the movie “Love Actually” over 20 million times. So, what does that tell you? If you think of packaging as the stage that presents the key event to its spectators, it’s not surprising why unboxing videos are popular. Think about how you feel every time you receive an item in custom packaging.

There’s always that excitement like you’re unwrapping presents on Christmas morning.

That’s why when you’re thinking about your branding strategy, you can’t forget about product packaging. To help you out, here are some custom packaging design tips to keep in mind.

Custom Packaging Should Complement Your Product

Before you research corrugated box manufacturers or the best custom packaging company in your area, there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget. Packaging should enhance, not distract, from your product.

When done right, custom boxes with logos will make your customers expect your products even more. If you have different product lines, aim for a consistent brand experience.

Remember, they’re not just items for sale. They’re a representation of your company. If you can imagine every customer doing an unboxing video for your products, you’ll understand why your competitors don’t just throw their items in a plain box with a sticker.

Work With a Reliable Packaging Supplier

You’ll know that you’ve hired the right packaging supplier when they consider your business as theirs. They want you to succeed, and they’ll do their best to help you bring your vision to life, no matter how unusual it might be.

They’ll also be accommodating. Do you want to print something funny or bold inside the box? Or maybe you have special requests for securing your products with extra wrapping paper?

A highly rated packaging supplier will work with you to ensure the custom packaging ideas you have will give your customers the best first and lasting impressions.

Consider Best Practices for Product Packaging

There’s nothing wrong with going for the most creative packaging you can devise for your products. However, there are some product packaging practices you can’t ignore.

For example, is your packaging reusable? Would a simple design show off your product better than an elaborate one?

How trendy is your product, and how do you think your customers will respond to its packaging? Be sure you do not forget about the practical details when deciding on a suitable packaging for your products.

Let’s Wrap It up (in a Pretty Package, of Course!)

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