Are you trying to find the right packaging supplier that will cater to your unique needs? You may be thinking, “where do I even start?”

As a business or individual that may rely on shipping products, you’re likely faced with many overwhelming tasks. Finding the right packaging suppliers shouldn’t be one of them. 

We’ve compiled five tips to help you find the right packaging suppliers for all your shipping needs. Ready to take your product packaging to the next level? Keep reading.

Work With Your Budget

Finding packaging suppliers that are reasonably priced should be one of your top priorities, especially if you’re a small business owner. Prioritizing costs for packaging, stocking programs, and delivery is key.

One of the most important aspects of packaging costs are minimum order quantities or MOQS. Packaging suppliers with lower MOQS are usually more affordable and can better cater to customized orders.

For example, if your brand specializes in makeup, finding a company that can act as cosmetic tube packaging suppliers is key. With lower MOQS, your cosmetic packaging may be easier to customize. While these low MOQS are important, your packaging supplier should also be able to scale up as your company grows.

Expect Reasonable Delivery Times

For brands with e-commerce shops, delivery times are everything. Studies show that 63 percent of customers expect a standard delivery to arrive within three days. Finding packaging suppliers with reasonable delivery times is vital to the success of your brand. 

As part of a quick and smooth delivery process, packaging suppliers should meet any labeling needs. Packaging suppliers should also prioritize having a variety of packaging list envelopes. These factors can make or break the delivery process.

For information about our customized shipping for a smooth delivery, click here.

Communicate Effectively

When searching for the right packaging suppliers, focus on communication. Efficiency and transparency are key.

After all, your products and brand reputation are in their hands.

Prioritize Design Experience

Another important tip to finding the right packaging suppliers is to prioritize design experience. How can your supplier construct packages that will benefit the consumer? Design experience with a variety of materials is crucial.

A simple service that packaging suppliers should offer is corrugated packaging. Corrugated boxes provide more strength than regular cardboard boxes. Their grooved material also allows for more air space and durability.

At Packaging Fulfillment, one of our most unique designs is the “Do Not Stack Wedge.” This patented design is constructed with corrugated material and four sturdy bottom flanges. The “Do Not Stack Wedge” is one way that we ensure product safety with advanced design.

Ask About Sustainability

In the US alone, 61 percent of consumers want to support companies that cater to the environment. The right packaging suppliers should support the goal of sustainability.

Simple steps like choosing paper over packing peanuts can make a world of a difference in reducing your carbon footprint. 

More Than Just Packaging Suppliers

The right packaging suppliers do more than just ship your products; they go the extra mile to support customers and their needs. For questions on any of your packaging needs, contact us.