Seven seconds. That’s all the time to impress a client with your product before they turn to something else.

With shelves bursting with options for purchasers, you must set yourself apart from the rest. How do you do this? With stand-out packaging design!

Product packaging design is one of the most important selling tools for many businesses. To make sure your products attract buyers, your packaging needs to wow them. 

Read on to find out about product packaging tips that grab and hold the customer’s attention!

Apply Color Psychology

Colors play a significant role in a customer’s decision to pick up a product. Packaging for products requires a smart use of color. Not only does it separate your product from others, it also connects with customers on an emotional level.

Begin by incorporating your brand’s colors that match your brand’s identity and logo. Then choose colors that reflect the mood of the product you are selling. 

  • Red symbolizes energy, love, boldness
  • Green evokes health, nature, and harmony
  • Blue means reliability, confidence, and intelligence
  • Purple represents elegance, respect, prestige
  • Yellow evokes positivity, happiness, and warmth

Whatever color you choose, make sure it fits your product’s vibe!

Consider Aesthetics and Functionality

Packaging for your product should look great but also be functional. 

Use unique shapes that sets your packaging apart from the rest. Creative shapes garner more attention—your products stand out with the graphics and the shape. 

But beauty without functionality misses the point. Your packaging choices must also address your product’s need for protection, communication, and containment. 

Define Your Product

Be sure to define your product using a minimal amount of words. Customers don’t spend a lot of time reading the fine print on the packaging. So make sure the words you do use are clear and concise. 

If your product solves a problem, is healthier than others, or has unique features, make this information stand out. 

The elements you should feature on the shelf-visible part of your packaging is the product description, your logo, and brand name. Other parts of your packaging should then include ingredients, disclosures, or instructions for use. 

Think Eco-Friendly

More and more, people are choosing environmentally-friendly products. They are also careful to consider the packaging materials. 

Over the last few years, 85% of consumers have made an effort to make “greener” purchases. Packaging made out of biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable materials is a priority for customers. 

You could also consider a packaging design that could be reused in some way once the product is removed from it. 

Go For Quality Packaging Design

As important as design is to your product packaging, it won’t make an impact if the printing or production is subpar. Work with an experienced package design company to ensure the best outcome. 

Product Packaging for Your Business

An impressive product deserves an impressive package design!

The quality of your packaging design will have a big impact on attracting customer attention and driving sales. Make sure your product has packaging that is functional, unique, and head-turning!

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