The average cost of an ecommerce return is about 30% of the purchase price. If your profit margin is lower than that, you’re going to lose money on every return.

You’ve done the hard work to create a wonderful product that people will enjoy and purchase repeatedly.

You happened to overlook one of the most important aspects of the product – the product package design. Rather than treat it as an afterthought, you should take the time to learn why product packaging is so important to your business and your brand.

Read on to learn the top benefits of product packaging and how to prevent returns that will drag your profits down.

1. People Buy Based on Emotions

About 95% of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously. People buy based on a feeling that they expect to get from a product, whether that’s status, confidence, or something else.

Product packaging matters because the appearance of the product when it’s delivered needs to reinforce those feelings to justify the purchase. If you don’t do that, you’re increasing the likelihood that the product will get returned.

2. Your Brand is Associated with Product Packaging

What’s your brand? It’s how people think about your company. Great product packaging design can reinforce your brand in the mind of consumers.

When you have custom boxes with a logo delivered to the customer, you remind them about your company’s visual identity. You want your logo to be associated with a great customer experience that people will remember.

3. Custom Packaging Controls the Customer Experience

Something as simple as corrugated boxes can send a message to your customers. Imagine getting a product you ordered delivered and it’s in a box that looks beat up.

That will reflect poorly on you and deliver a poor customer experience. Worse still, a product package design that’s hard to open will frustrate your customers.

You want to have a strong, durable, and simple product package that will look great when your customer receives it. They’ll be thrilled to get the product and you have a happy customer that’s likely to buy from you again.

4. Separates You from the Competition

A packing supplier can separate you from the competition. They can create customized boxes for your company, manage your inventory, and fulfill orders.

You have an advantage over your competitors because you have a professional look and feel that will come through to the customer.

5. Communicates Your Value and Spurs Purchases

Professional product package design can also remind customers that your product is a premium product. A sleek and durable package with your logo communicates to customers that your product is worth every penny.

The level of care that you show in packaging your products can be good for business, too. Customers are likely to buy from you again because of it.

Custom Product Packaging Is Good For Business

Your customers are picky and they have high expectations. You can do everything you can to meet those expectations by having a custom product package design that’s sturdy and shows off your brand.

You create a better relationship with your customer and they’re more likely to trust the quality of your products. Contact us today for more information about creating custom packaging for your business.