72% of consumers say packaging influences their buying decisions. What your product packaging looks like is almost more important than what you’ve put inside. Customers want to see packaging that’s creative and innovative, which may leave you wondering about the product packaging design trends coming up this year.

We want your company to appear as one that knows what they’re doing in the area of product packaging design. And that’s why you need to continue scrolling now.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes, when it comes to product packaging design, the best idea is to keep things as simple as possible. There are times when the message you wish to convey to consumers gets lost because your design is too busy.

Some of the best brands out there have the simplest packaging, but their brand voice packs all the punch they need. Also, when your packaging is too complex, it can be challenging for people to determine what the function of your product is.

When this happens, the chances they won’t buy it increase.

Use of Eye-Popping Colors

An increasingly popular trend in product packaging is the use of vibrant and eye-catching colors. The use of vibrant colors is to help distinguish your brand from competitors in the market.

And in the realm of making sales, you’ve got to find ways to maintain your edge over competitors, and the best way to do this is to utilize color. However, when you do so, ensure it still aligns with the ones for your brand.

For example, Facebook branding would incorporate blue and white hues because that’s a part of their entire brand messaging and is featured across their platform.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Developing ideas for unique packaging also means considering eco-friendly packaging. More consumers are looking for different ways to find sustainable solutions to decrease their carbon footprints.

This means providing packaging that makes it easier for people to recycle or repurpose is the way to go. Also, ensure you place an image somewhere on the packaging that lets people know it can be recycled.

Go the Vintage Route

Many of the trends today are reviving aspects of the ’90s and ’80s eras. If your brand’s products play off the nostalgia factor, you might want to go the vintage packaging route.

You can take older aspects and bring them into the modern era. Not only does this make for new packaging, but it also shows how innovative your team is when it comes to taking something old and changing it into something new.

Product Packaging Trends You Need to Know

There are tons of product packaging trends that are taking the manufacturing industry by storm. You can choose to keep things simple or decide to add pops of color where they’ll make the most impact.

As you think about product packaging designs, it’s important to consider the boxes you’ll use and the shipping methods as well.

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