Every experienced business owner knows the importance of choosing the right packaging for mailing their products. Too big of a box or envelope, and the item may move around, causing damage. Plus, larger packages tend to cost more money to ship. 

For this reason, many businesses rely on bulk bubble mailers when it comes to shipping and protecting fragile items. They provide a cushioned layer of protection, yet they are lightweight and cost-effective.

Of course, there are ways to improve packaging, even if you are already using bubble mailers to ship items. With custom packaging, you can show off your business branding and a memorable impression on customers.

If you’d like to know the secret to selecting the best packaging for your products, keep reading! This blog highlights various types of bulk bubble mailers available and their benefits so you can meet your packaging needs!

Standard Bubble Mailers

Standard bulk bubble mailers are the most common type.

These mailers consist of a bubble-lined interior. The exterior also includes a self-sealing adhesive strip for easy closure. They come in all the standard bubble mailer sizes, from small to large. 

Choose standard bubble mailers for reliable protection against scratches and minor bumps.

Kraft Bubble Mailers

Kraft bubble mailers combine the protective features of bubble mailers with a durable kraft paper exterior. The kraft material provides an extra layer of strength and puncture resistance.

These mailers are an excellent choice for shipping items that need added protection. They also offer a professional and eco-friendly appearance. As a result, they’re ideal for businesses seeking sustainable packaging solutions.

Poly Bubble Mailers

Poly bubble mailers are made from polyethylene, a lightweight and tear-resistant material. They are also waterproof and offer excellent resistance to moisture. This ensures the contents remain dry and safe during transit.

These mailers are an excellent option for shipping products that are sensitive. You may also use them for products that need extra protection from humidity.

Colorful Bubble Mailers

Many businesses want to create a unique and eye-catching packaging experience. If that’s true for you, colorful bubble mailers are an ideal choice.

These mailers come in a variety of vibrant colors. A packaging supplier can help you align your packaging with your brand’s identity.

Colorful bubble mailers not only protect your products but also make a lasting impression on your customers. Choose these if you want your customers to remember every detail of their retail experience! 

Custom Printed Bubble Mailers

To enhance brand recognition and promote a professional image, custom bubble mailers are the way to go. These require special orders from a bubble mailer supplier. Personalize them with your company logo, tagline, or other branding elements.

Custom-printed bubble mailers do more than protect items in transit. They also serve as a marketing tool by promoting your brand wherever they go.

Select the Best Bulk Bubble Mailers for Your Products!

When you invest in the appropriate bulk bubble mailers, you elevate your packaging game! This ensures that your products reach your customers safely and leave a lasting impression. 

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for shipping supplies, Packaging Fulfillment Co. can help! Our custom packaging services can help you come up with the best shipping solutions for your products. Whether that’s envelopes, boxes, or protective materials, check out our products or give us a call at (615) 793-0088!