What do customers say about your packaging? Do they love it, or have they made suggestions on how to improve it? For many businesses, packaging shouldn’t be a last-minute decision. Not only is it an essential component of the customer experience, but it also helps promote purchase decisions and brand loyalty. 

Now, if you already know the packaging trends that will dominate this year, the only thing to do is to partner with the best packaging supplier. If you haven’t done so because you have some concerns, read on to learn what product packaging companies can do for you.

Different Types of Product Packaging Companies

When looking for packaging suppliers, you may encounter manufacturers and brokers. The former makes and sells packaging, while the latter offers packaging-related services. Packaging brokers could also be distributors, design or marketing firms, and fulfillment companies.

The advantage of working with a packaging manufacturer is they have the machinery to make custom packaging. Sometimes, they can also produce prototypes or samples for presentation purposes.

Meanwhile, a packaging broker buys products from a manufacturer and resells them. For products that don’t need custom box logos or other custom design elements, a packaging distributor has stock packaging.  

There are also packaging design firms whose main focus is branding. Lastly, packaging fulfillment companies make products retail-ready by putting products and packaging together. Of course, this can be done in-house, but if you have a large volume of goods to ship, it’s better to work with a fulfillment company.

Some Tips to Find the Best Packaging Company

You’ve done the initial part. You went online and compiled a list of potential packaging suppliers. Some might even have gotten in touch with you, submitting quotes that seem attractive.

Before signing any contracts, be sure to evaluate each company based on their ability to handle your packaging needs, especially during peak times. It’s also good to test how knowledgeable they are about their industry.

For instance, what different corrugated packaging options do they offer? How do they help customers save costs throughout their supply chains? It’s also crucial to know who your point of contact will be when you do sign a contract with them. 

Packaging Vendors Have Evolved

To stay competitive, some product packaging companies have evolved to offer extensive services. For example, Packaging Fulfillment Company Inc. offers a Vendor Managed Inventory program to help businesses streamline their operations. 

We go beyond stocking shipping boxes or directing customers to the best box sizes to use. Our goal is to shorten the supply chain for manufacturing and distributing clients. That’s why aside from the usual packaging services, we also offer a full line of product packaging equipment, complete with maintenance and repair plans. 

Let Us Help You Streamline Your Product Packaging Operations

Now that you know more about what to expect from product packaging companies, are you looking for a partner who can help you grow your business

We would love to help. Packaging Fulfillment Co., Inc., is your one-stop shop for all your packaging and shipping needs. We have been serving the southeast region since 1992. 

If you need assistance with any of our products or services, you may call our toll-free number: (800) 385-0289 or (615) 793-0088.