With over 32.6 million businesses in America, you need to find ways to distinguish your operation from the competition. And that starts with making a better first impression. When you’re shipping goods, you owe it to your business to use high-quality and unique packages that will stand out from the crowd.

Ready to improve your approach to packaging? You’ve come to the right place. We have the secrets to creating memorable, good packaging for your products!

Choose the Best Colors

One of the biggest packaging tips is to choose the right color scheme for your packages. You’ll need to consider the psychological meanings of colors before moving forward with the right scheme. And you’ll want to think about the colors and tone of your brand.

For instance, colors like green and tan may work well to sell a natural health product. Cooler colors like blue create a softer, calmer sensation. And punchier colors like red and yellow can communicate a more energetic vibe. 

Choose color pairings like black and silver for luxury products. Go with white for a modern watch or beauty product. Consider your audience as you make a choice!

Go with a Logical Design

When a customer walks by your product, is it obvious what you’re selling? Since customers may only spend a few seconds glancing at what you’re offering, the name and purpose of your product should be clear. 

Don’t get too descriptive with your text on the box. Flowery fonts and dense text can look cluttered visually and act as a deterrent. Keep the language clean and simple. 

Be strategic with how you incorporate your brand logo, too. For instance, you may want to use tape on your box that’s stamped with your company name. 

Add Unique Touches

At the same time, it’s smart to inject a dose of imagination into your order packaging. Bland boxes won’t stand out from the crowd. So, you need a bit of the wow factor, too, to impress customers when they receive your shipment

You may even want to design custom packages that have windows. These clear surfaces on your package can provide a literal window into what your product is. 

Choose a product packaging shape that is unique. Perhaps you’ll want to use a curvier package if you’re selling a product that targets women. You might want a simple, minimalist design for a product targeting young professional men. 

Prioritize Sustainable Packaging

Did you know that 65% of Americans want to see more action to address climate change? With so many people supporting sustainable practices, you’ll want to do your part with product packaging. 

This can include using eco-friendly materials made of recycled products in your packaging. When you can weave biodegradable materials into your boxes, you’ll connect with customers who share your values.  

Invest in Good Packaging

Investing in good packaging can elevate your level of professionalism as an organization. Choose the right mix of colors and text to communicate your product in a dynamic and clear way. Use an imaginative approach that hooks buyers, and invest in sustainable packaging that can contribute to a healthier planet. 

Make product packaging a priority. Contact us so we can help you do it!