When a shipment arrives, the first thing your customer notices is the packaging. Make sure the impression it leaves is positive and your brand prominent.

In 2021, 21.5 billion parcels hit doorsteps, equal to 683 packages per second! It takes considerable staffing to package, label, and ship that many products.

You may purchase materials and handle packaging distribution in-house, depending on your business size. A cost and time-saving option is using a custom packaging service.  

If you’re wondering whether a packaging distributor is the best option for your company, keep reading. Here are the top four benefits of fulfillment company services.

1. Packaging Materials

Packaging distribution companies carry many sizes of boxes and bubble envelopes. You can have shipping supplies custom printed to show off your company brand.

When the box or bubble envelope arrives on your customer’s porch, they’ll recognize it’s from you. Eye-catching packaging makes your business stand out from the rest.

Whatever you are shipping, they can pack it in foam, corrugated cardboard, or paper. Whether it is fragile glassware or a box of car parts, it will arrive safe and secure with appropriate packing materials.

2. Competitive Pricing

The cost of packaging supplies is not the only thing to consider. Determine the cost of labor to handle ordering supplies, packaging, and shipping in-house. Now offset those hours of wages with the cost of using a packaging distribution firm.

With a packaging distribution company, you receive competitive pricing on shipping products. If one product is too expensive, ask about other options. The fulfillment company’s job is to get you the best packaging for your product at an economical price.

3. No Supply Chain Issues

When pumping out product orders, it’s easy for a vendor-managed shipping inventory to fall low. Running out of tape, specific-size boxes, packing list envelopes, shipping labels, etc., can slow down your demand and supply chain.

You never have to worry about this happening with a packaging fulfillment center. Their business is shipping, and they have an ample supply of shipping materials on hand.

Unlike a manufacturer, distributors access a variety of materials from different companies. They buy whatever meets client needs. They offer everything in one location, so you aren’t scrambling to buy from several suppliers.

4. Experience

By hiring a reputable fulfillment company, you benefit from their experience getting products packaged and shipped. Developing a long-term business relationship with your packaging company gives comfort, knowing they are dependable about getting the job done.

Packaging distribution companies know what is necessary to ensure your products arrive pristine. Whether ordering packaging products or having them handle the shipment from start to finish, distributors give you the most economical, cost-effective, and secure packaging.

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