You look around to see hundreds of plastic boxes strewn about your warehouse. Your business isn’t the only one in this situation.

Research shows that enough corrugated boxes to fill more than 400 billion square feet were produced in 2020. The jump in online orders during COVID contributed to this.

Your corrugated plastic boxes may look like trash. They could be valuable treasures hidden in plain sight, though.

That’s because there are several effective ways you can use these types of boxes aside from recycling them. Let’s explore the best ways to use these corrugated materials.

Corrugated Plastic Boxes For Storage

Your company’s corrugated plastic boxes may work in various carousel storage and shelving configurations. That’s because they come in several thousand sizes. You may even custom-design them in your chosen size and color to fit your unique need.

Using your corrugated plastic boxes in a storage system can help you maximize your building’s room. This means you can store more products on your shelves while minimizing wasted inventory space.

Shipping Containers

Do you ship products frequently? Use corrugated plastic boxes to do the job.

These boxes’ durability and strength make them ideal for shipping. They hold items securely in place, safeguarding them during transport. The boxes can be reused several hundred times.

Another major benefit of using corrugated plastic boxes for custom packaging is that they’re moisture- and chemical-resistant. Corrugated cardboard boxes are susceptible to moisture damage during transport due to rain, chemical spills, subpar warehouse storage, or maritime shipping.

Cardboard boxes can’t protect the items inside from moisture when the paper becomes wet. This may mean ruined products and revenue loss for your company. Plastic boxes eliminate this potential problem.

Facility Totes

Suppose your staff members regularly tote items around your facility. Recyclable corrugated plastic boxes can come in handy for this task for several reasons.

These plastic boxes are lightweight and feature user-friendly handles, making them simple to carry. The boxes are also sturdy and impact-resistant. They’ll withstand high-volume, constant use and scratches.

Another reason to choose corrugated plastic boxes is that they can hold heavy loads. They won’t break while being used. This means you can trust them to keep your workers and facility’s floors safe.

America’s postal service uses millions of corrugated plastic boxes since they’re so reliable. The organization uses them to transport, organize, and collect parcels and letters. You can rest assured your business will benefit from these boxes’ dependability, too.

How We Can Help With Your Packaging

Corrugated plastic boxes offer several uses for both large and small businesses. Use them to store products and tools.

These items may also help you securely ship items to customers. They’ll even help you carry stock around your facility.

We offer high-quality stocking services at Packaging Fulfillment Co, Inc. We’ll gladly fulfill your order for the number of pallets or corrugated boxes you need quarterly or monthly.

Our other services include product packaging and shipping, equipment maintenance, and machine repair. Request a free quote for our packaging supplier services by contacting us today!