Are you trying to decide which product packaging makes sense for your business? Maybe you’ve considered corrugated box packaging but aren’t sure.

You’re in the right place then. In this packaging guide, we’ll discuss what products work best with corrugated box packaging. We’ll also discuss the benefits of custom packaging and tips to pick the right packaging. 

Keep reading below to learn more.

What is Corrugated Box Packaging?

Corrugated by definition means something with grooves. So a corrugated box is a box with layered sheets of cardboard with protective grooves. 

Corrugated box packaging is three layers all composed of cardboard. An inside layer, an outside layer, and a middle sandwich layer made of grooved cardboard. This grooved middle layer protects products during shipment without making the box too heavy.

The middle layer is referred to as a flute. These flute layers range from sizes A-F with an F flute having the densest grooves.

In addition to the different flutes, corrugated boxes hold various paperweights. The higher the paperweight, the more protective the box.

Boxes can also be more protective when they have layers of flutes. Like in a double or triple corrugated box.

Benefits of Custom Corrugated Box Packaging

Corrugated boxes provide a lot of protection and versatility. Custom packaging can be made in any paperweight to protect your goods as needed. They can also be made in a lighter paperweight to reduce your overall shipping cost.

Custom corrugated mailers can also be made in any dimension. This means you can create boxes that fit your product packaging perfectly. The benefit of this is easier packaging, increased transit protection, and less waste. 

Corrugated box manufacturers are also able to brand your boxes. You can design the inside and outside of your box. This adds to the unboxing experience for your consumer. 

A great unboxing experience can reap huge referral benefits for your business. If your packaging is interesting customers are more likely to repeat purchases, recommend to friends and family, and even document their unboxing experience for social sharing. 

Products for Corrugated Boxes

Due to their customizable nature, corrugated boxes fit any product. They are used widely across all industries. Food, textile, retail, healthcare, stationery, electronic, and e-commerce businesses trust corrugated mailers to deliver their products safely and in style.

Corrugated boxes offer flexibility which is why any product can be used with them. They protect products without unnecessary weight. Most businesses will have a couple of sizes on hand.

Depending on the dimensions of a customer’s order, they’ll ship in the appropriate box.

Picking the Right Box

A reliable packaging supplier is the first step in corrugated box packaging. From there you can create custom boxes with a logo in a variety of sizes. Or pick just one size to get started. We’ve got all the tools you need to pick the right box for your business.

When picking a supplier consider their location, minimum order quantity, and customization features. Not sure which box to pick? Ask for a free quote today!