Forging a bond of trust with consumers is paramount to any business model. If the customer doesn’t trust the quality of your offering, they aren’t likely to come back for seconds. packaging contributes to trust in two ways: presentation and security. A product that arrives damaged will be returned. A product that arrives in a broken, tawdry box with no label gets left on the porch. That’s why you need to find the cream among corrugated box manufacturers to deliver a satisfying, appealing product.

During the holiday season, the USPS alone delivers an average of 20.5 million boxes a day. That’s a lot of material moving and shuffling around. A sturdy, properly sized box emblazoned with your logo has far better odds of staying on top of all that shuffle.

Corrugated Box Manufacturers

Box suppliers know that they operate as a glue, binding many other industries together. That’s why they work tirelessly to create fast, effective packaging solutions that protect and advocate.

The largest corrugated box companies use innovative manufacturing processes to decrease the cost per box and deliver flats of boxes that are easy to assemble and seal.

Check out this list of qualities to look for in the best corrugated boxes.


Of course, you want a strong box that can withstand external damage and keep the valuable products inside safe.

Strength isn’t a synonym for rigidity. A box that is pliable, able to bend and reform, will stand up to abuse better.

Corrugated materials use air separators within the walls to decrease weight and increase cushioning. Air in the box board mirrors the popularity of a certain air-infused packaging material for a reason.


Box sizes need to be standardized and they need to be customizable. Standard sizes help with shipping safety and stability. They also allow warehouses and order fulfillment centers to operate efficiently.

That said, products come in a lot of different sizes and weights. Boxes need to be largest enough to hold the goods safely, but not exceed common 30-50 pound limits.

Postal workers and warehouse workers alike prefer to avoid sudden hernias from deceptively heavy packaging.


Your company needs to fill orders on time and accommodate lulls as well as spikes. The biggest corrugated box companies need to match your demand in the same way. They need to have the capacity to produce to-order boxes in runs that get you packing material on-time without worrying about holding a surplus.

Quality Printing

Not all box printing is created equal. Some inks fade more rapidly, some colors get eaten up by the porous material.

A corrugated box company knows what does and doesn’t work and offers solutions and alternatives to get your logos and designs to stick.

They also know how to scale with box sizes. This means a logo that stays visible but balanced without getting lost on a big box or overwhelming a smaller box.

Pack Right

The trains must run on time, and if you want them packed with your products, you need dependable corrugated box manufacturers.

Contact us to learn more about pricing points and design parameters to get your inventory packed up and on the go.