According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 30% of the country’s waste each year is made up of packaging materials. That’s a lot of unnecessary waste being added to landfills when there are better solutions for businesses (and for the environment!). Reusable packaging, also called returnable packaging, is one of those solutions. With reusable distribution packaging, instead of things like boxes and plastic being discarded after use, they’re designed to be used over and over again. What are the main reasons you should be using reusable custom packaging?

Keep reading to find out.

Protect Your Items

Since the focus of reusable packaging is to use it many times, it’s much more durable than normal packaging.

While cardboard boxes may become dented, ripped, or crushed in transit, reusable packaging is made of stronger materials. This means your items will stay protected throughout their journey, arriving in great condition.

Plus, if your business is transporting food, your items are more likely to remain fresh with reusable packaging.

Earn Your Money Back

Some of you may be thinking, But custom reusable packaging is more expensive.

While you’ll pay more upfront than if you purchased normal packaging, consider all of the money you’ll end up saving.

You could buy cheap packaging that you use once and throw away, ultimately having to buy it all again. Or, you could invest in durable packaging and reuse it many times, ultimately saving you money down the road.

Benefit the Environment

Not only does normal packaging require excess materials, but making each box or piece of plastic also requires energy. Each time you buy new packaging materials, you’re increasing your business’s carbon footprint.

By using reusable packaging, you’ll help reduce the amount of waste going into landfills, save on energy production, and reduce harmful greenhouse gases.

Save Space

You buy regular packaging and store it for use, which takes up valuable space in what may already be a limited area for your business. And then once it’s time to assemble the packaging, it takes up even more space!

Custom packaging won’t require as much storage space since it will always be in use. That leaves you more room to use for other aspects of your business.

Improve Labor Safety and Costs

Reusable packaging is designed to be easier to load and unload, meaning you won’t need as many workers to help with these tasks.

Your employers also won’t have to deal with cutting open boxes or lifting awkward and heavy packages, leading to fewer injuries. With reusable distribution packaging, things like flow racks make storing and moving the items around much easier.

Choose Reusable Custom Packaging

The benefits of custom packaging are clear, and the rewards for your business, your workers, and the environment are aplenty.

If you’re looking for a custom packaging supplier to help you with all of your custom box needs, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today or check out the rest of our site to see what we have to offer.