Nearly three billion packages were shipped out for the 2020 holiday season. That was 800 million more than the year before.

More and more people are loving the convenience and ease of shopping online and receiving a package at their doorstep.

As a business, how can you make your products stand out from the countless packages being delivered? You can by using custom printed boxes with your company’s logo.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to see why you should be using custom boxes with logos to ship your products.

Brand Recognition

It takes five to seven views of your brand for people to remember it. What’s more, presenting your brand consistently can increase your revenue by 23%.

One way to consistently present your brand is by printing your logo on custom mailing boxes. This way, every time a customer orders from you, they will be presented with your logo. More impressions for your brand means increased chances of brand recognition.

Form of Marketing

Consider your custom boxes as another form of marketing. You can use the box to print your logo and other business information.

You can also use the other parts of the box, like the inside. You can add your company’s website, contact information, or additional information about your product. You can also thank the customer for their purchase.

Stand Out

Consider that 72% of Americans say that a product’s packaging affects their decision to purchase a product. What’s more, 67% said the packaging materials also influence their decision.

This means that design and packaging are a major part of the shopping experience.

You can create an experience for your customers through your packaging. This can be done with custom packaging, colors, graphics, inserts, quotes, and other fun extras.

Custom Boxes for Different Product Sizes

Another reason to use custom mailer boxes is so that they are the right fit for your products.

It’s awkward to place a small item in a huge box. It’s also wasteful, and you’ll have to use extra packaging materials to make sure the product doesn’t shuffle around while in transit. This can cost you more because you’re paying for the extra materials.

There are also some products where a bubble mailer envelope will work just fine instead of a box. This can also save you money on mailing materials.

A custom box looks cleaner and more professional. It can also be more protective for your product since there is less room for movement.

Order Custom Boxes With Logos for Your Products

With all the online orders consumers are making these days, you want your brand to stand out with professional packaging. You also want packaging that is the right fit and will protect your products throughout the transit journey.

Ready to order custom boxes with logos for your products? Want to learn more about our products and services? Contact us to learn more.