Shopping from afar hit new heights while consumers stayed safe indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Brands must keep up and perfect packaging and shipping practices for success in the busy holiday season. Corrugated boxes are affordable, easy to find, and a great help to anyone shipping packages.

They’re among the easiest ways to put shipping odds in your favor. Take a look at these great benefits of corrugated boxes.

1. Corrugated Boxes Are a Stronger Option

Strength is the biggest reason why corrugated boxes are a better option than other kinds of cardboard. The ridges and grooves known as corrugation support more weight than flat cardboard can.

This makes corrugated boxes harder to crush and break than thinner cardboard. Nobody wants to send customers crushed goods, but it’s hard to control what happens to a package en route. Corrugated cardboard is a cheap insurance policy against heavy packages falling on top of your parcel.

Corrugated cardboard’s bulkiness also protects products from the elements. The material is thick and has multiple layers, making it harder for water to get inside.

Leaving a thin cardboard package on a doorstep in the rain or dropping it in a puddle can ruin it in an instant. Corrugated cardboard stands up to scenarios like these.

2. Corrugated Cardboard Makes Custom Boxes a Cinch

Because corrugated boxes are a paper product, it’s easy to print on them. The printing process doesn’t require tons of expensive equipment and materials.

This is ideal for small businesses trying to compete with major retailers. Shipping in custom boxes gives an air of professionalism and helps customers remember the brand on the box. Branded boxes are as attainable for small brands as they are for giants like Amazon.

3. Achieve Sustainable Shipping With Corrugated Boxes

Responsible harvesting and recycling practices make corrugated cardboard a sustainable option. Businesses can make a point to buy cardboard produced under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative or made with post-consumer content.

You may have heard that eco-friendly packaging options aren’t affordable. It’s true that they cost a little more, but they’re easier to get with each passing year as more brands jump on the bandwagon.

Yet, money is tight for a lot of small businesses in good years and even more so in uncertain conditions. Here’s a common question: Should I use corrugated boxes if I can’t afford the most environmentally-minded options?

The answer is easy—Yes, you should use them!

Customers can reuse and recycle corrugated boxes even if a business opts to ship with a less environment-oriented box. Corrugated cardboard is so durable that it lasts for years as home storage, moving boxes, and more.

Even new corrugated boxes with no post-consumer content can be sustainable packaging when they’re reused and recycled. The shipping process and recipients opening the packages often ruin thin boxes and envelopes—Not so with corrugated cardboard.

Set Your Business up for Shipping Success

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of shipping in corrugated boxes, take the next steps in transitioning your business to the best packaging option.

Check out our site to see the wide range of options you could choose. Once you decide on a product or if you have more questions, get in touch with us to put your plan into action.