Your logo is one of the most recognizable and influential aspects of your brand. Protecting that image is a critical part of your brand awareness, and that extends to the logo placement on your product packages. 

How you package your product requires more than finding a box that fits. Your package design can help customers find your products on the shelf more easily and make your brand stand out from the competition. 

What should businesses consider when choosing the best spot for the logo on a product package? Follow these five tips for improving logo placement. 

1. Give It Space

Cramming the logo among too many other graphics or excessive amounts of text can minimize your brand’s impact. When designing your packaging, allow plenty of space around the placement of your logo. 

It’s the first thing consumers will notice about your packaging. The logo lets them know they’ve purchased the “real deal”. Give it plenty of space to stand out and instill confidence in your customers.

2. High and Left

What’s the best location for your logo? The psychology of logo placement offers a variety of ideas based on the message you want to convey to consumers. 

You want your company’s logo to be one of the first things consumers see on your packaging. If you follow the path that many people read across of page, your logo placement is most prominent higher and to the left. Other schools of thought recommend placing your logo in the middle of your package.

Featuring an image of the product on your package can also influence the best spot for your logo. Placing the logo above the product image can be a strong statement that helps consumers associate your logo with a product they love. 

3. Size Matters

While minimalist design can be effective, your logo shouldn’t be a dominating image on your packaging. If the logo is too big for the size of your packaging, it can be distracting and deter customers from purchasing your item. 

Balance is key. Make sure the size of logos is prominent enough for brand recognition but balance the size with the other design elements. 

4. Beware of Packaging Configuration

Placing the logo front and center can make an impressive packaging design. However, if the box opens through the middle of your logo or a fold in the material makes it difficult to see the full logo, you might need a better place for the logo. 

5. Follow Brand Guidelines

Stretching or distorting your logo to make it wrap around the packaging could violate your brand guidelines. Make sure the placement, size, and space around the logo don’t break your branding when designing product packaging. 

Improving Logo Placement Helps Promote Your Brand

Product packaging is an extension of your company’s marketing efforts. While packaging needs to protect your products, improving logo placement can also increase brand awareness and consumer confidence in your company. 

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