In today’s incredibly competitive marketplace, customer experience is everything. If you are sending your products to your customer in a boring, basic cardboard box, you are losing.

You are communicating to your customer that you don’t enjoy shipping products. If you did enjoy selling products online and shipping them to your customer, they would be able to tell from your packaging.

Your competitors who are using custom shipping boxes will win every time. If you value your e-commerce business, you need to start using custom corrugated shipping boxes.

Your customers will be excited to receive a beautiful package. They will take photos of the package, share it with the world, simply because it’s intentional.

If you’d like to boost your customer experience with custom brand packaging, here’s what you need to do. 

Why Custom Product Packaging Matters

Packaging sells. When products are sold on the shelf of retail stores, 72% of consumers admit that packaging design plays a role in their purchasing decisions. 

But what about shipping boxes? After all, the customer has already purchased your product. No need to impress with a fancy box, right?

Wrong. Who are your most important customers? It’s those who buy again and again. 

Nobody is impressed by a bland brown or white box. Even worse if the box displays the brand of the shipping company. Nothing communicates brand laziness more.

When you ship your product in a beautiful, custom shipping box from a reputable packaging supplier, you will create a meaningful first impression. Intentionally designed boxes boost the perception of your product. They are more likely to have a better first experience with your product, increasing the likelihood of repeat sales. 

On top of that, better packaging will set you apart from the competition. If you sell products very similar to other companies, the customer experience becomes your unique selling proposition. Make the customer feel like they purchased from the right company. 

Benefits of Corrugated Shipping Boxes 

Shipping boxes come in different styles. They have different benefits and uses.

Cardboard is a confusing term. Cardboard is any material made from paper pulp, often from recycled materials. This could be thick paper or cards, cereal boxes, or other thick paper-based materials.

Corrugated shipping boxes are those with ridges and grooves. They are ideal for shipping because the corrugation helps to distribute weight.

Corrugated boxes can be made from cardboard, but they are not the same thing as cardboard. It’s far more durable than shipping in a cardboard cereal box.

There are many corrugated box manufacturers today, but we ensure you will have the best experience and receive the perfect boxes for your company. 

Invest In Your Customer Experience

There are many more reasons to invest in custom corrugated shipping boxes. Better boxes will provide more protection for your products, saving you money in exchanges or refunds.

Custom boxes with logo or other types of designs will communicate value to your customer. If you want to impress them, or if you want them to share images of your product with others, it’s important to craft a custom experience.

You can contact us today with any questions regarding your packaging needs. We can’t wait to work with you to create the ultimate customer experience.