Seventy-one percent of consumers believe sustainability will be a key factor in their future purchasing decisions. This includes more environmentally friendly packaging regardless of the impact on product prices. Over half are willing to pay more for sustainable products. 

Packaging manufacturers play a key role in achieving this. They can also improve your brand image. An experienced supplier can provide a more seamless customer experience, as well.

Your relationship with your packaging supplier can affect your company’s success. This article provides a guide on maintaining a successful partnership with your supplier.

The Benefits of Choosing the Right Packaging Supplier

Packaging protects a product throughout transportation and storage until it’s purchased. Product packaging is carefully selected for this reason. However, these containers do much more.

Custom boxes with a logo make your product easily identifiable. This seemingly simple box becomes an important component of your brand image. You’ll want to ensure you have custom packaging that positively impacts customer perception.

Choosing the right product packaging will involve determining if it is: 

  • Suitable for your product
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight, if your product allows 

Environmentally friendly packaging is another factor you’ll also now need to consider. Can your packaging supplier provide you with custom packaging that meets this criteria? The success of your product may depend on whether or not they can. 

Packaging Manufacturers: Factors to Consider When Selecting One

Selecting a manufacturer that can meet the criteria outlined above is important. However, there are other factors you’ll need to consider. Here are a few of them:

Brand Knowledge

Your supplier should know your brand inside out. This includes your company values and brand messaging. Both can help them create custom packaging to suit your company’s needs.

What’s important to your target audience? Is it affordability, extravagance, or eco-friendliness? Whatever it is, your packaging should reflect it.

High Quality

Cost-effectiveness is an important factor when choosing packaging. It affects the final price of your product. However, your supplier should never compromise on package quality to achieve this.

It’s possible to have both when you work together to decide on the best packaging option. A perfect example of this? Corrugated boxes that are durable but also highly customizable. 

Open Communication and Flexibility

Conveying the ins and outs of your brand will require open and honest communication. This should continue throughout the relationship. Ideally, your supplier should be flexible based on changes and trends in the market. 

They should also be able to offer advice on new materials and techniques, including those that impact sustainability. 

The Right Partner for Your Packaging Needs

There are thousands of packaging manufacturers in the US. Some of them are probably clamoring for your business. How do you choose one that’s right for you?

Start by identifying a supplier that meets your packaging criteria. You’ll also want a manufacturer willing to evolve with you as your business grows and changes.

Packaging Fulfillment Co., Inc. can. We’ll provide innovative packaging solutions and exceptional customer service to ensure your company’s success. We’re ready to help you make your brand stand out. Contact us to find out more.