Are you prioritizing packaging in your marketing strategy?

Studies show that over 80% of consumers try new products based on packaging alone. Over 60% of shoppers revealed that packaging aesthetic makes a significant difference.

These statistics matter for business owners who want to improve their quarterly goals. However, you can’t develop the right packaging strategy without quality materials. Durable materials like chipboards evoke even more trust in consumers by signaling that the product is packaged safely.

Your next step is to customize chip box packaging that speaks to your customer base and brand.

Take note of these helpful tips.

Brand Consistency

Strong branding is backed up by consistency.

Your brand’s logo, color scheme, messaging, and unique design should be reflected across all marketing channels. Everything from your company website to print advertising should reflect this vision, including your packaging.

A strong brand should also scale down to size. This means you need a logo design that works for coupons to cereal boxes.

Switching to new packaging can also facilitate a much-needed rebrand if your current logo, color scheme, and slogan need an update. This is an important step if you want to capture a wider consumer demographic.

Assess your current brand design for any busy elements that distract from the messaging. Logos should be simple but also relevant to the industry niche.

Packaging stuffing also matters, like tissue paper. Consider branding custom tissue paper with your company logo to further cement the memorability of your brand in consumers’ minds.

Packaging that Makes Sense

Chip boxes come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Your next decision is to choose the ideal fit for your product.

Remember, packaging is part of the entire customer experience. Consumers should be able to easily remove the product from the box without damaging the item. Ensure there is enough space between the product and the box, leaving enough room for tissue paper or packaging paper.

Print the logo to scale on the box. Your logo should be on the front-facing side of the packaging. You can also incorporate it within the product image if it suits your brand. Logos also work well in the top-hand corner of a box where it is easily seen on the shelf.

Customize Chip Box Packaging With Photos

If you want to customize chip box packaging with photography, you need product photos that showcase the item in its best light.

This step may involve hiring a professional food and product photographer. Print models can also show the product in action; you can use this method to develop in-box instructions, as well.

Benefits and Technical Information

Generally, consumers look for product benefits when making purchasing decisions. Include these benefits on the front-facing side of the box and any technical information on the back (or side) of the box. For example, cereal boxes have benefits on the front of the box and nutritional information on the side.

Make sure to include contact information if a customer wants to inquire about their product.

Create Your Packaging Strategy

Your next step is to develop a strong packaging strategy that meets your objectives. Consider the above branding and customization points as you customize chip boxes that reflect your brand and ideal customer.

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