The world of e-commerce thrives on the fast and effective shipment of packages. Companies like FedEx are booming with an estimated $23 million in revenue.

Understanding your shipping needs is a big aspect of knowing how to grow your small business. This short guide will show you the ropes of how to expand your product shipment.

Shipping & Handling

The beginning of understanding how to expand small businesses is to improve upon the expensive process of shipping products. The National Retail foundation notes that most customers expect free shipping for orders below $50.

Customers will always return to a business that dedicates itself to fast and efficient shipping options. Shipping costs are a huge factor. Perhaps the most important factor in shipping is speed.

If you sell smaller or more obscure items, be sure to calculate these costs beforehand. Certain companies, like USPS, allow fixed rates for default sizes and weights.

Packaging the Item

The aesthetic of a box is important in building or knowing how to earn more with small businesses. Customizing a package is essential in allowing your product to stand out from the others.

A unique design can allow your customers to familiarize themselves with your product. Manufacturers can create custom boxes with logos that will give your customer’s a sense of comfort and familiarity.

The type of material you use is also important in protecting the item once it ships. Corrugated boxes provide durability for your product. Partitions can also add further protection and safety to help enclose the item.

Measuring Dimensions & Weight

The size, weight, and material you use for an item can drastically increase your item’s cost. Measuring the dimensions of an item is vital in understanding how to grow business with products.

You can create a workflow that tailors to these shipments and help earn more with small businesses. Once you sell, you can already predetermine the shipping costs and have your items ready to go.

Understanding Your Carriers

It’s important to understand the purpose of your shipping process. Many carriers provide a wide range of shipping options that cater to certain business practices.

USPS, as mentioned earlier, can provide a fixed rate. This is essential for small businesses looking to ship smaller items at a fast rate. Companies like FedEx can provide the benefit programs with continual use.

UPS is great for streamlining a businesses’ workflow. Their company offers solutions to manage customers scheduling pickups and returns. They can also develop systems to help define your supply chain process.

How to Grow Your Small Business

There are a variety of options you can use to develop your shipping strategy. Instead of figuring out how to grow your small business yourself, you can also partner with a shipping company to help plan out the logistics.

This company can also help market your product as well. This kind of bulk business can allow you to gain an advantage in the market and expand item shipments.

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