Around 72% of consumers think that packaging design can influence purchasing decisions. Knowing how to create quality custom packaging designs encourages repeat business.

83% of consumers believe that cardboard and paper packaging can be innovative. Here at Packaging Fulfillment Co., we use cardboard for its durability. Think of our cardboard packaging as an empty canvas for strengthening your brand.

Customers form impressions about a business based on its packaging. That’s how shipping custom packaging to your customers improves your brand image.

Here is a brief design guide for custom packaging, so keep reading to learn what you should know.

Lead With Your Brand Design

Before you start designing custom packaging, you must have a solid brand design in place. That means you’ve designed your logo, chosen your brand colors, and constructed your brand identity’s elements.

Once you develop your brand identity, you’ve established clear style guidelines. Leading with your brand identity allows your packaging to further your branding efforts. Branded packaging increases brand awareness, brand recognition, and brand recall.

Creating a brand style guide will strengthen your design efforts even more. Plus, you’ll be able to use it in the future.

Stand Out

Standing out is one of the best custom packaging tips there are. Having outstanding packaging distinguishes your brand from your competition. This further improves brand recognition and brand recall.

Use creative font and color combinations to make your custom packaging stand out. Adding other stylistic elements such as outlines and textures helps. Nonetheless, simplicity also packs a powerful punch.

Certain box types are less common than others but offer significant advantages. For instance, chipboard boxes are lighter and thinner. Their flat tops and simple design are ideal for printing logos and other designs.

Speaking of simple designs:

Prioritize the User Experience

Another one of the most important tips for customizing business packaging is to always pay attention to the user experience. The user experience of packaging refers to how people experience and interact with your box. Using user experience design to guide your efforts will bolster both the user experience and the brand benefits of your packaging.

Your packaging must be able to accommodate your products. Choosing a well-sized box makes it easier for your customers to open them. Measuring your products’ height, width, and weight will help you determine appropriate box sizes.

In order for customized packages to work their branding magic, they must be usable, functional, and easy to open. For this reason, corrugated boxes are a popular packaging option for businesses.

The Best Custom Packaging Designs Are Worth Flaunting

There are 30.7 million small businesses in the United States alone. Strong custom packaging designs act as an extension of a small business’s brand identity.

For instance, if environmentalism is one of your brand values, consider using a sustainable packaging design. It’ll improve the environment and brand loyalty all at once.

Explore your options—learn about the types of boxes we offer. It’s your first step toward creating the custom packaging of your dreams.