Are you looking to ship smaller, lightweight items like jewelry or cosmetics? If so, a word of advice: send them out in a bubble mailer.

If you’re not familiar with bubble mailers, they look like padded envelopes. They’re perfect for small items because they cost less than other packages. The only issue with bubble mailers is that they can be a bit confusing to use.

Well, that’s why we’re here! If you’re not sure how to mail bubble mailers, these three tips will get you started on the right foot.

1. Choose the Right Mailer

First things first: Where do you get a bubble mailer? In most cases, you’ll find some in your local post office or an office supply store.

The thing is, bubble mailers come in many sizes and types. Before you go shopping for one, check the size of the products you want to ship. This will narrow down your options and make it easier to compare prices.

If the products are particularly fragile, consider adding extra protection. A good way to do that is by adding packing paper inside the mailer. This is why using small mailers isn’t always worth the money you save on shipping.

2. Know How to Mail It

Once you’ve picked your mailer, you’ll need to prepare it for shipping. This procedure depends on how you’ll label it and if you’ll schedule a pickup.

If you decide to label the mailer yourself, make sure you do it by the book. The delivery address should be in the center, and the return address should be in the top left corner. The stamp belongs in the top right corner.

You can also attach a label created by your carrier. In this case, you’ll give them your information and they’ll print off the label for you. They’ll also weigh the mailer to calculate the shipping costs.

If you’ve scheduled a pickup, the carrier will come pick up the package. With most carriers, you’ll schedule a pickup by filling out a form on their site. You may also need to choose between a variety of shipping options.

3. Consider the Costs

Like with all packaging products, the cost of shipping a mailer depends on several factors. These include the size, weight, and delivery speed.

In general, bubble mailers tend to be cheap to ship. Even the biggest mailers will cost far less than your standard corrugated box. As such, using a mailer is one of the best methods for reducing shipping costs.

The only time a bubble mailer may be expensive to ship is if you’re sending it abroad. In this situation, the shipping rate will depend on your carrier and how quickly you want the mailer to reach its destination.

This Is How to Mail Bubble Mailers

These days, most business packaging strategies include bubble mailers. That’s because mailers are a great fit for the four C’s of packaging: cost, convenience, communication, and customer needs.

Now that you know how to mail bubble mailers, all you need is the envelope itself. At Packaging Fulfillment, Co., we sell envelopes of all sizes and styles. Contact us right here to place an order!