Did you know that over 60% of consumers say that they’d be more likely to purchase a product again if it came in premium packaging?

Further to that, over 40% of consumers will share images of your product on their personal social media profiles if the packaging is unique, different, and branded.

Product packaging is incredibly important for the way in which consumers perceive your products, how it looks and feels can contribute to how your customers feel about unboxing your products and whether they may buy again.

Keep reading to explore the relevance of the packaging for your products and the effect it can have.

The Functions

It is about more than just looking pretty and catching the eye of the customer. There are a few functions of product packaging that make the entire solution important:

1. For Protection

One of the main functions is to protect the product inside. This includes during transit and delivery of the product, movement from storage rooms to shelving, and even sometimes from customers accidentally dropping the products.

It needs to be sturdy and robust as well to prevent people from tampering with the product inside too.

2. For Appeal

Think of when you’re walking down the aisle at your local grocery store, now, think of the products that catch your eye. The ones that you stop and pick up to see what they are.

That is appealing packaging at work!

Product packaging should have carefully thought-out color palettes, unique design elements, or even custom boxes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional too.

3. For Information

The packaging is what your customer or potential customer will read to find out more about the product inside.

This includes all important information about the contents like how to use it, all the ingredients used to make it, and also expiration dates. Depending on the product, there may even be laws governing what needs to be put on the box, and consumers will know to look on the packaging for this information.

4. For Distinction

The packaging that you choose for your products is also the best way for you to differentiate your products and brand from your competitors.

Innovative and unique designs will help your product stand out and catch the eye of customers. It’s a great and convenient place to showcase your brand in the best possible way for brand recall and recognition.

Perfection With Product Packaging

Finding the perfect recipe is not easy. As your product has to evolve over time, so too may your packaging need to.

Have regular checks on your packaging and where it stands, evaluate how people feel about it, and whether it’s ticking all your packaging need boxes effectively.

Do you know what’s cooler than perfect product packaging though? Having custom branded packaging can really set you apart!