Did you know that 72% of American consumers make purchasing decisions based on packaging design? This means your business has one chance to make an impression and make customers buy.

No matter how good your product is, you need to make it stand out with custom branded packaging. This is an essential part of the customer experience that influences how people view your brand. Whether you use boxes or bags, your packaging shouldn’t be plain and generic – it needs to catch the eye and stand out.

Keep reading to learn how custom product packaging works and how you can use it to grow your business.

Brainstorm Packaging Ideas

The first step to customized packaging is brainstorming ideas. You want your packaging to reflect your brand and values so write down some ideas about how you want it to look.

You can find inspiration on Pinterest and online but also by looking at your competitors’ package designs to see how you can do better.

Work With a Product Packaging Designer

Once you have a list of ideas, it’s time to work with a graphic designer to help turn your vision into reality. Hire a designer experienced in creating personalized packaging products. This will take your packaging to the next level and help you stand out among your competitors.

Choose the Best Product Packaging Supplier

Now that your idea is an actual layout, the next step is sourcing a product packaging supplier who will manufacture your custom packaging products. Look for a high-quality supplier specializing in custom packaging and ask for samples to make sure the boxes meet your standards.

Test the Product Packaging For Quality and Durability

Before you send out products in the packaging, you need to test the boxes for durability and quality. The boxes need to be sturdy enough to endure all kinds of environments and postage handling and still arrive at the customer in perfect condition.

Test different materials and types and boxes until you’re happy. The better quality packaging you use, the better the unboxing experience will be.

Create an Incredible Unboxing Experience

Once you’ve tried and tested the product packaging, it’s time to create an incredible unboxing experience for your customers. Consider this your chance at making a great first and lasting impression on them and showing them you care.

For example, add quality tissue paper to the box, colorful shredded paper filler, branded stickers, and a handwritten or personalized note. Depending on your product, you can also create special ways of placing the products in the box or a special order of removing the items from the box.

Take Your Business to the Next Level With Custom Product Packaging

Whether you sell products on a mass scale or are a small business just starting out, product packaging is the first impression customers have of your brand. By using custom boxes and designs, you can wow your customers each time they order from you.

Ready to create custom product packaging for your next launch? Reach out to us today and learn more about all the product packaging options we have and how to use them for your business.