Are your packages packing a punch?

There are many fine lines to walk along when it comes to getting the perfect packaging design. There are content regulations to follow, but the package still needs to attract attention. It can feel impossible to strike the right balance at times.

That’s where we want to help! Keep reading this guide on what you need to know about product packaging.

Is Your Business Product Packaging Truthful?

The first point in our product packaging guide might seem obvious, but it’s one of the most important. Your product packaging must be accurate. With both text and pictures, you need to be accurate and truthful with:

  • Size/quantity of product
  • Composition of your project
  • Manufacturing method
  • Date & location of manufacturing
  • Reviews/endorsements
  • Suitability for the stated purpose

Under customer protection from unfair trading, the Federal Trade Commission is watching. You could face prosecution if you’re misleading or misrepresentative on the packaging.

Does Your Product Packaging Display Safety Instructions?

If your product could be dangerous, you must provide correct safety instructions. This is relevant at every supply chain level. The safety information could be vital for how you transport and handle the product.

Certain products will need niche and specific safety instructions. This includes electrical products as well as children’s toys. Product packaging for businesses has to be serious about safety; if you don’t, you could face a lawsuit.

Does Your Packaging for Products List the Manufacturer?

A top fact about product packaging is it must list the name and address of the manufacturer. It must also detail this for the importer and packager and list the country of origin.

Why? The customer might need to make a claim against the product, or they might seek more information. This is your time to shine and make a good impression, so give them what they need.

Does Your Product Packaging Still Stand Out?

With all that information and more to display, your product packaging still needs to stand out. It’s no longer enough to occupy shelf space and shout louder than the competition.

You need to draw focus while communicating the essence of what you’re offering. A way of doing this is using “cusps”. Cusps are sharp, pointed shapes that invoke danger, caution, and even fear.

Think about the design of Nexxus products. You’ll find it hard not to look at them as you walk past the shelf. This is because the logo uses cusp shapes that immediately grab your attention.

Take Your Time & Get Your Product Packaging Correct

While it can take time and a lot of research, it’s always best to get your product packaging correct. With all the legal implications and complexities, it isn’t worth the risk otherwise.

Make sure that you display all safety information in a clear, concise manner. It should be easy to see, as should product and manufacturing information. But make sure your packaging still packs a punch, or you’ll get left behind on the shelf.

If you want to see your packaging vision brought to life, contact us today. At Packaging Fulfilment Co., we’ve got the tools and resources to make your product packaging a reality.