During the holiday seasons, UPS and FedEx are known to ship over 25,000-35,000 containers per week. For effective protection, these parcels must be ship in the right container. These items are ship in a variety of different shipping boxes. This short guide will give you all the ins and outs of the best boxes for your personal and professional needs.

Boxes for Shipping

Among the best shipping boxes, packing cartons are known as the most popular kind of boxes for safe shipping.  You can determine the length, width, and height straight from the manufacturer’s store or website.

You can also print a label on the corrugated boxes if your company or business requires printing. This is a great way to advertise your business or company while en route to its destination. As you can create custom boxes with logos and other images.

The Archive Boxes

What shipping boxes are best? Archive boxes are an important type of box for people that require the safest shipping boxes for fine art pieces. Manufacturers can deliver these boxes in two forms, either as single pieces or with lids.

These boxes provide durability, so shipments have the ability to hide in storage or stack on top of one another for long periods of time. Since these archive boxes are easier to manufacture, these options can go for a cheap price as well.

Small Packing Wallets

Small packing Wallets are among the safest shipping boxes for the quick-shipping of smaller items, hence the name packing wallets. They also provide the added convenience of allowing your item to be put in the center.

These allow for small customizable setups. If you’re looking to ship a personal item this is a great option, and are great boxes for safe shipping.

Self Locking Die-Cut

Like packing wallets, Self Locking Die-Cut boxes are great for smaller individual shipments. They self-lock and provide customization options as well.

These boxes provide efficient shipping for artistic or fine art shipments as well. These boxes provide an aesthetically pleasing outlook with a strong locking system to hold items together.

Full Overlap Packages

Full Overlap packages provide hoods or flaps that completely cover the openings and the base of the package. This is why the package is aptly named full overlap.

These full overlap packages are great for shipping heavier items. As they provide a stronghold after assembly. Like Packing Cartons, they are also customizable.

You can print a shipping label or a company name onto the box for shipping. Manufacturers can also glue or stitch together the parts of the box for more durability and structure.

Types of Shipping Boxes

There are a variety of options for artistic items and other forms of shipping cargo. These options can give can help narrow down your decision depending on the purpose of your shipment.

Whether you’re a novice or a shipping expert, these items can help deliver all kinds of items. Once you find the right shipping boxes for your items it will make shipping easier and more efficient.

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