The packaging design of a product has a significant impact on the purchasing decisions of most Americans. In fact, 72% say that packaging design matters. 

67% of Americans say that the materials used to create that packaging also impacts their buying decision. 

This is why whoever you choose to be your packaging supplier is extremely important to your brand, your customer, and to your bottom line. Keep reading to find out what the red flags are for packaging suppliers.

Packaging Specs Are Often Not Met 

Packaging designers provide specifications for a product’s packaging. These specifications include the materials, structure, and shape. Weight distribution and product tolerances are all elements that go into these specifications.

These ensure that items and resources are not harmed throughout their journey through the supply chain. Your vendors, on the other hand, may not supply exactly what you asked for and paid for. If you discover that your packaging does not fit your demands, you may want to reconsider your supplier.

This could be things like asking for a specific material to be used. Another would be finding out that the final product has been substituted with poor packaging materials.

There Is Little To No Communication 

In any supplier-customer relationship, one should always hope for transparency. This should be evident throughout the communication process. This means that from the very moment you begin a conversation, there should always be clear expectations. Discussions should be had around what you want and what the supplier will be charging you. 

Transparency and communication are important around budgets, pricing, and delivery deadlines particularly. 

They Cannot Adapt To You 

Sometimes, businesses need to adapt their products to an ever-changing market. For example, your product may have been larger previously but with advances in technology, your product has evolved. Now you need packaging that is smaller and more convenient. 

When taking it up with your supplier, you’re met with many reasons as to why it cannot be done. Perhaps they cannot change the packaging for a similar price or within similar deadlines. If you’ve had a particularly long relationship with your packaging supplier, then they should be more welcoming. They should be willing to have open discussions around adapting your current order. 

They’re Getting Bad Reviews 

It’s not unheard of that product packaging supplier who were leaders in the industry, become redundant and obsolete.

This can be due to an inability to keep up with the times or it could be due to an increasingly unhappy customer base. 

Whichever it is, both would be evident by simply talking to current or ex-customers. 

Picking The Perfect Packaging Supplier 

Choosing a new packaging supplier doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. 

All you have to do is get your product information, packaging specifications, and expectations clearly laid out. This information is vital for your new potential supplier. Being open in the initial discussions is the key to a successful partnership.

If you’ve not found the right supplier yet, look no further, contact us for your packaging needs!