Stay-at-home mandates in 2020 allowed the e-commerce industry to flourish as sales increased by 43%. After two years of shopping online, consumers are hesitant to return to physical retail stores. The need for businesses to ensure packaging quality has never been higher.

A packaging supplier can help new and existing businesses handle increased shipping demands. From inventory maintenance to stocking services and machine repair, they exist to lend you a helping hand.

What is a Packaging Supplier?

You may have heard the term packaging supplier and packaging manufacturer used interchangeably. Yet, these terms refer to different services. Packaging manufacturers help businesses design and manufacture custom packaging solutions.

Manufacturers work on the production side of the packaging process. But, suppliers offer services. These include managing your supply chain and inventory and providing you with packaging supplies.

Benefits of Using a Packaging Supplier

If you’re thinking about packaging suppliers for your business, you might wonder how they can benefit you. From saving money to saving time, many ways hiring a packaging supplier can make your life easier.

Streamline Distribution

Packaging suppliers have all your packaging needs on hand. Without the need for special ordering, you can get your packaging supplies from them on demand.

The quicker you can package your goods, the quicker you can send them to eager customers. Thus, streamlining your distribution process.

Get Expert Packaging Help

Packaging suppliers are experts in the industry. You can consult with a packaging supplier on matters including but not limited to the following:

  • Type of packaging
  • New packaging
  • Amount of packaging
  • Sustainable swaps for packaging
  • Packing and protection materials

Armed with knowledge from the experts, you’ll find the right product packaging for your products. The result? Durable shipping, decreased return rates, and increased customer satisfaction.

Save on Packaging with Volume Discounts

The perk of working with a supplier for packaging is that they can predict your needs. So, you can buy in bulk and reap potential discounts. You will save money and avoid over/under buying.

Packaging Supplier Will Cover Legal Compliance

Packaging suppliers know all state and federal packaging laws and what is expected of them. Your packaging supplier will take responsibility for meeting all legal requirements. Then, you can worry less about compliance and more about building your business.

Packaging Supplier Takes Care of Inventory

Full-service package fulfillment includes inventory management. By preparing and palletizing your products for shipment, you cut out a timely step in the distribution process. The increased efficiency will help you keep your business running smoothly.

Packaging Supplier Near Me: Contact Packaging Fulfillment Co.

Finding a reliable packaging supplier is the best decision you can make for your business. They streamline your product distribution to make you and your customers happier.

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