The number of packages shipped worldwide in 2021 was an all-time high of 159 billion- 5,000 packages per second! Package shipping increases by about 27% annually. Experts estimate a global volume of 256 billion by 2027.

For business success, you need packaging products that ensure your goods arrive in pristine condition and promote your company brand. Keep reading to learn what shipping materials every business needs in stock.


Shipping is a rough and rowdy ride, so items need adequate cushioning to prevent damage. Depending on the product type, you may require bubble wrap, foam, or paper.

Paper comes in a variety of protection levels. Whether safeguarding glass from breakage or metals from rust, there is a packaging solution to meet your needs.

Bubble wrap comes in rolls and is an excellent solution for businesses that ship products in various sizes. You cut the bubble wrap to fit the item and insert it into your box or bag. The small air-filled pockets cushion the product inside the box.

Custom Boxes

The first thing people purchase for business packaging is cardboard boxes. To make your brand stand out, order custom corrugated, die-cut, or chipboard boxes in sizes that fit your product. You can select the thickness and design that is best for your items.

Corrugated cardboard is popular for all general shipping. Die-cut is the ideal solution for businesses with a product needing to fit in a box without excess fill material.

Bubble Mailers

Have you ever received a small product in a huge box full of packing material and wondered why? It’s because the company isn’t utilizing economical packaging solutions.

The padded mailer market is growing, with an anticipated value of $1.8 billion in 2023. Mailers are lightweight, making them the choice packaging option for cost-effectiveness.

Bubble mailers are one of the easiest cost-saving methods for shipping small items. The mailer has an internal layer of bubble wrap, protecting items inside. Coming in a wide range of sizes, you can use mailers for books, jewelry, makeup, small electronics, etc.

Custom Note

In addition to the packing list, include a personal note to the customer. This little touch makes your company stand out and adds a personal touch to the packaging supplies most companies overlook. 

This unique addition is especially attractive if you ship beauty supplies, jewelry, or clothing. It becomes a part of your brand identity and helps grow your business.


Nothing is worse than packing a box and learning you’re out of tape. Keep a supply of packaging tape that resists peeling and is weather resistant. Depending on how many packages you prepare daily, you may consider tape guns or automatic tape machines for efficiency.

Shipping Labels

Custom shipping labels you print in-house make getting your product where it needs to go easy. By including your company logo on the label, you display business professionalism. Quality labels ensure everyone knows where that package is coming from.

Importance of Packaging Products

The primary purpose of packaging materials is to protect the product from damage during shipping. Proper material selection keeps the contents safe, and the customer is happy when they open up the shipment.

Packaging Fulfillment Co. Inc. offers quality custom products that consumers can keep and reuse, keeping your name visible. We invite you to check out our full line of packaging products, fill out our contact form or call us toll-free at (800) 385-0289 to place an order.